23 Dec


First the Christmassy stuff. Gerrie sent us a surprise package, and you probably can’t see it well, but in addition to the luscious orangey/red hand dyed fabric and three wrapped presents, there’s chocolate peppermint bark AND Sharfenberger chocolate! Delicious!

Katrin sent us a box too — filled with three varieties of Lebkuchen and Speculatius PLUS cute mushroomy napkins (paper napkins from Germany are the best) and red and white star napkin rings to make our every day cloth napkins more festive.

Thank you both SOOOOOOO much!

Katja and Opa have finished their Christmas baking: a modest four treats (ginger snaps, Toll House Cookies, Lemon Pecan Dainties and fudge) and some are now packed to gift to a modest three neighbors.

OK then. Christmas stuff out of the way, we have an antidote to all the snow in blogland (not that we don’t love all the snowy pictures, we just don’t have any of that here).

At the kids’ insistence, we started at the ├╝ber touristy Dole Plantation and spent over an hour in the maze. Great fun so we didn’t even bother doing anything else there.

Next we continued on up to the North Shore for an OK lunch at Cholos and a quick stop at North Shore Swimwear where I found a perfect bikini (thanks Noni, Tavaner and Megan are my birthday present). Then on to Pupukea Beach where we were pleased to find calm surf so we could scramble over the a’a a bit.

We took the long way home via the Windward side of Oahu because I hadn’t seen much of it yet and took a little detour out to La’ie Point. Awesome. Thanks Jean for telling me about this lesser known point of interest.

View to the left.

View to the right.

From La’ei we continued south past beautiful farm land, beaches and homes. Many were for sale and we just couldn’t understand why anyone would not want to live there. I intended to take us back to our side of the island via Pali Highway and Lookout, but took a wrong turn and ended up on Likelike Highway. Oh well, that gives us an excuse to go out again and take pictures of the dramatic green mountains instead of the beaches I seem to gravitate towards. I need more practice with my new camera too. I seem to unknowingly, or forgetfully, change the settings on it and my colors are all off. My life is not quite as blue as these photos suggest.