16 Oct

15 Days of Halloween

Dalek Costume

The costume to-do list is getting shorter!

Buy interfacing, a hula hoop, little plastic cups, bronze spray paint, and a plastic hardhat
Cut out and interface fabric for Dalek
Assemble Dalek dress with straps and hula hoop for shaping
Attach balls to Dalek dress
Cover stiff interfacing hoops for helmet
Paint hardhat helmet
Attach hoops, headlamp, and cups to helmet
Cut fabric for Candy Corn dress
Sew Candy Corn dress
Buy tights to coordinate with dress
Gesso box for creeper head and cut out eye holes
Paint Creeper head with green grid
Paint green hoodie with some green squares

I’m half way done with sewing the candy corn dress and painting the Creeper head too. Of course, I’ve left the Dalek body for last since it’s the one I’m least sure about construction-wise. Still, plenty of time. Fifteen days still to go! Oh, and we’re collecting bits to assemble a Tusken Raider now too.