06 Jan

Knit Night

It’s been a while since I wrote a Knit Night post. One, I haven’t been posting much of anything. Two, I don’t yet have a knit group I’m attending in Portland. And three, pretty much everything I’ve been knitting was a holiday gift so it had to be kind of secret.

But now the gifts have been given and I can share. And in honor of my wonderful Charlottesville Knit Night, I’ll keep posting knits on Wednesdays.

Last summer I got the idea to knit a scarf for each one of my close girlfriends. They would all be knit in my friend Elisabeth’s wonderful color changing cotton yarn, both because I had been collecting skeins while working with her, and because it’s wonderfully versatile and can be worn year-round.

Technically not a knit since it’s crocheted, but I still teased on social media with a #placesyoucanknit tag. This one went to the beach with us and had a great time.

Natalya Scarf 2

I started with something for Natalya since I had a black to grey skein that didn’t work for the top I made for myself (here’s where it got frogged from the project), but became a very Natalya combination when paired with a purple to grey. Natalya lives in New York and while she doesn’t wear all black, solid neutrals and plenty of black and grey do seem to dominate her wardrobe.


Natalya Scarf 1

The pattern is Ribbon Afghan, which seemed boldly architectural and therefore suitable for Natalya. I found it because it had similarities with two blankets I had crocheted, but along the way, I saw that someone else had used Wolle’s yarn and made a thinner version to wear as a shawl. The way the lights and darks of the ombre yarn played with the thick and thin stripes intrigued me and I was “hooked.”

The specifics are in my Ravelry projects here.



10 Jun

Knit Night

On Instagram I’ve been posting places you can knit — just for fun (#placesyoucanknit). I enjoy knitting as bring along hobby to keep my hands busy. Here’s a few fun places I’ve been knitting recently:

Knitting beach

At the beach (yes, I know that’s crochet, not knitting, but it still counts)


knitting car

In the car.


Knitting with cat

With the cat (especially nice when the colors match)


knitting Weymouth

In my room at the historic Weymouth Center where I stayed while setting up my Homefront & Downrange show.


Knitting bassAt my daughter’s bass lesson.

Where do you knit (or sew, or crochet, or doodle)?


14 Jan

Knit Night

Meta Afghan

Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed. Bed is warm and cozy. Right now I’m enjoying this combination of duvet, store-bought knit blanket, and the colorful afghan I crocheted a few years ago. It is an homage to an afghan my paternal great grandmother made. I had always admired it in my grandparents’ home and then in my dad’s but the last time I saw the afghan it was quickly disintegrating. It’s gone now, so I am pleased to have this version to carry on the tradition. All the yarn details are on my Ravelry page.

25 Aug

It’s Crafturday! (13)

I finished the afghan inspired by the one my at my dad’s house which my Great Grandmother made. It was a good thing too, since the original has essentially disintegrated with age and use.

Here’s the original
Old Family afghan

And here’s my homage:
Grandma Meta Afghan

A detail:
Grandma Meta Afghan

And the whole blanket:
Grandma Meta Afghan

If I am to believe my Ravelry notes (which I am not terribly fastidious about), I used 15 skeins of Plymouth Encore, Valley Yarns Northampton, and a couple other random bits and bobs. The Northampton was by far the dominant yarn in the project. The afghan is nice and snuggly and is getting use on our sofa now that the heat wave has passed.

07 Apr

It’s Crafturday: 10

I recently spent a week in California hanging out with my dad while he recovered from an infection. It was brisk and sometimes snowy outside and I had few responsibilities other than to walk his dog and make meals. So, I got A LOT of crocheting done!

Grandma Meta's Afghan, and my homage in progress.

When I was at my dad’s last year, I decided that I loved this old afghan his grandmother had made and that I would make an homage to it. Here is the original with my version on top. I inadvertently made my stripes horizontal instead of vertical, but I don’t think it will adversely affect the character of the blanket. Since this photo I’ve even added a few more inches!

20 Jun

Family Afghan

This afghan has graced my dad’s couch for what seems like eons. It might have originally come from my grandparents. Or maybe not. Family things get passed down and I forget what came from where as they all seem to blend together both emotionally and aesthetically.

Old Family afghan

Anyway, after visiting my dad recently and seeing this, I have a wild hair to recreate it. Or at least make something similar. After seeing how much yarn an afghan can eat up when I made ripple blankets for my mom and myself though, I want to keep a lid on this one.

I’ve narrowed down some yarn choices, and I wonder if my yarny blog friends have any tips. I could return to teh Plymouth Encore. I’m pretty happy with my current Encore afghan — though it would be interesting to try something without acrylic. Choice number two is probably Lion Brand Wool-Ease. The colors and price are right, especially if I wait for a 50% off the entire order coupon from Jo-Ann’s. It’s still an acrylic blend though. Speaking of Jo-Ann’s, Patton Angora Bamboo looks intriguing. Ravelry says it can be hairs-in-your-nose-itchy though. This Bambool is also interesting. I’ve knit with bamboo and like the softness, but I’m afraid the size of an afghan would pull it out of shape. Back in acrylic blendy-land, Swish from Knit Picks keeps coming up, and it has good colors and a good price. They also have Wool of the Andes Worsted. I’m afraid that it will be too itchy and splitty and felt up on me though.

Anybody got any words of yarn wisdom for me?

05 Feb


Today is my mom’s birthday! Which means, I can now show the Ripple Afghan I made for her. Like the one I made for me, it is attic24‘s “Neat Ripple” pattern.

I started with a chain of 157. After some trials, that was the right length to get two stripes from each skein of yarn. I don’t have the right kind of stitch markers for crochet, but the rolling hook thingies for track-mounted drapes worked just fine, and I have lots of those.

I used Mission Falls 1824 (3 Thyme, 3 Sprout, 6 Earth, 2 Denim, 3 Oatmeal, 2 Russet, 3 Amethyst), superwash merino wool and 2 balls of Dream in Color Classy (Blue Lagoon and Strange Harvest). I’ve completely forgotten the final size, though it’s perfect for snuggling on the couch.

And this is all that’s left of those 26 skeins of wool.