01 Jan

Ode to 2009

2009 was the year of the deployment. It was also the first full year in Hawaii for the kids and I. As I looked through my photos, I can see that we’ve settled in here pretty well. Counting all the places we’ve been and things we’ve seen would probably be worse than uncle George’s slide show from his summer vacation. And we made it through what seemed to be the longest year ever just fine.

At this point last year I was pretty angsty about my goals and accomplishments, but this year I’ve settled in to my lack of focus. I’m much more comfortable with it today. As for my conundrum of which path(s) to follow, I’ve started down each one. Perhaps 2010 will be the year in which one makes itself clear — through the fog I think I’m seeing art quilts.

The last month has been supremely unproductive for me in terms of my artistic life, so I made a mosaic of all the projects I’ve done in 2009 to reassure myself that I’m doing just fine. And a fine year it was:

2009 Projects

In summation:

Twelve by Twelve: 8 pieces (and a book in progress)
Classes: 2 taught, one taken
Mushroom pin cushions: 4
Other crafty things: 16 (including designing my own fabric)
Clothing: 6
Yarn projects: 1
Crafting/Quilting for charity: 3
Quilts: 7 for beds (a personal record) 8 for the wall (16 if you include 12×12 quilts)
Pieces sold! 2

2009, you weren’t so bad after all.

2010, I’m going to keep on going, so I’m expecting you to be even better.