05 May

Crafturday (11)

As if posts around here weren’t thin enough, I think they’ll be getting more sporadic as the summer progresses. Behind the scenes, I’m redesigning my website and while I spend time doing that, there’s no time left for blogging.

Also, we will be moving at the end of this month so things are a bit crazy around here, and won’t settle into our new digs in Virginia until July. We’re going to have a grand adventure — it probably just won’t get blogged. Then I’ll inundate this space with nesting in the new house. Ha!

I had a crafty day today though. Not my craft, but my friend Wendy’s. She is building her jewelry design business and today was her first craft fair, so another of her friends and I went with to help her out. I didn’t have time to take photos or anything, which is probably good since it means that we were chatting people up and selling necklaces all day. The Hickam Craft Fair where we were was on the small side, and mostly military families (which are Wendy’s core audience) so it was a great opportunity to try things out, to see what sells, to create systems for sales, orders, packaging etc. I know there are people who practically live at these craft fairs and have a whole system figured out for their product, so it was educational to see where a new business’ strengths and weaknesses were. Wendy definitely had the aesthetics part down. Her booth looked great! She/we need to streamline the bookkeeping part, but that will come. I enjoyed being a part of the process, especially since I can see how it applies to me and where I want to take my artwork and how much or little I could invest in marketing myself.