24 Feb

Good Mail

The mail has been good to me lately. First, I couldn’t help myself. I HAD to buy Sandra’s Viking notecards; and while I was at it, I decided I might as well get the adorable mobile too.

Since I’m new to Hawai’i and don’t really know what’s here, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to subscribe to Hapa/Hale’s blog feed. It’s mostly fashion stuff that doesn’t apply to me, but I still get a feel for what’s going on outside the strip malls and big box stores. So, when Sasaki Creation’s bags popped up, I knew I had to have one. This is an Omiyagi Bag, but I’m probably keeping it for myself. Now that I look at Barb’s blog though, I might need a Kukio bag (scroll down the sidebar). They’re all very Hawai’i without being typical and touristy (IMHO).

(The interior fabric is even coffee bean fabric!)

The best mail though, was the surprise from Nic. Since I joined the mushroom swap and she is a mushroom and kitsch aficionado, I guess she figured she had what I needed. Really, I have no idea what triggered her generosity, but I’m not complaining. Look at all the Pimpinellakram (“Stuff” from her line, Luzia Pimpinella) she sent me:

Not only does this include mushroom, gnome, and owl ribbon hot off the presses, but also a Pimpinella keychain featuring one of her brand spankin’ new mushroom embroidery designs (if I had the embroidery module for my sewing machine, I’d be buying all of Nic’s designs for clothes for my daughter. I’m not though because, like scrapbooking, that’s a whole can of worms I don’t want to open). Anyway, there’s Little Red Riding Hood ribbon and the deer in the woods one I’ve been eyeing but not yet bought, plus sweet matroishkas and hearts too. And stickers! Cute overload! Thank you, thank you, thank you Nic! The ribbons will be so much fun to sew with.

I love my mailbox (even more so in that all this mail goodness comes to my door — I don’t have to get myself to the mailroom on post [after 11:00] to pick any of this up!).