06 Aug

An Attempt

It’s quiet today and I’m having a hard time getting motivated even though I have a million things, both dull and exciting, that I could be working on. The kids are back in school and now, on my second morning with no one else in the house I’m feeling a lot more like curling up with a book or the cat than diving into a project.

I have been slowly working on a few things. Too slowly, but that’s beside the point. One of the “things” is a series of wall quilts dealing with being an Army Spouse. I’ve been trying lots of ideas and techniques. Some are speaking to me, some are not. I think that it is important to try new techniques and media, or test out concept and compositional ideas, but to do it without the expectation that what you produce will be the finished product. Maybe it will, but maybe it won’t — maybe that technique wasn’t the right one for the message after all, or maybe it’s got potential but needs some tweaking or combining with another idea before it’s just right.

The Begining

For this particular idea, I layered fabrics that had meaning to me and stitched a nice swirly pattern of channels over them.

The Process

I slit the channels at different depths with a chenille cutter and also scissors.

The Remains

And finally, I cut away more to reveal more or less of the different layers. This pile is what I cut away.

The finished product has potential, but this, my first attempt, was too shallow. I’ll undoubtedly apply this chenille technique to another go, but the fabrics themselves will have to have less obtuse meaning for the viewer. It was worth the essay though as an important step along the path.

As more and more craft and quilting bloggers share their process, I think it is important to see that not all projects turn out perfect the first time and not all attempts are worth trying to save. This one will be shoved under the bed for now, having served it’s purpose, and the next one I make will be all the better for that.