11 Feb


Last week I did a little purging. I’m half way through getting four boxes of reject photos down to two — or maybe even one. I also bit the bullet and emptied a box of fabric. All my army uniforms for cutting up had been in a pile on the top of my drawers of fabric, but now they have a box of their very own. So what did I do with the fabric originally in teh box?


I packed it up and sent it to Iraq as part of IBOL3, a pet project of my husband’s (and an ever growing group of like-minded people).


IBOL Guy is looking to collect 500 large flat rate boxes of sewing supplies (and maybe some knitting stuff too) for a special ice-breaker type project with local Iraqi army and federal police units.

If you are interested in participating (and I hope you are), head on over to the IBOL website for more details.

29 Jan

IBOL3 in 3D!

OK, it’s not really 3D, unless you count that it’s happening again in real life and that is naturally, 3D.

So, yes, an opportunity has arisen and it’s time again to bust out your stash of fabrics and notions, box them up, and send them to your faithful army guys (and women) in Iraq who have a plan to distribute ASAP. All the details are on Tech Support & World’s Greatest Husband’s, AKA, IBOL Guy’s, website. Go. Now.

09 Oct

Taylor Kickin’ Diabetes

Taylor is our neighbor. She’s ten years old, one of my daughter’s best friends, a red belt in taekwondo, a gifted student, a typical little sister, and a kid with Type 1 diabetes (read about the differences between type 1 and type 2 here). Taylor was diagnosed two years ago and has since had to be vigilant about what she eats, had to deal with odd secondary effects of the disease, check her blood sugar levels day and night, and inject insulin on a regular basis. It wasn’t long before her family invested in an insulin pump which means no more injections, but she still has to monitor her blood and input carb levels so the pump knows how much insulin to give. Her life has changed forever, but with supportive family, school and friends, she is able to be, at least outwardly, a pretty normal pre-teen. Organizations like Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation have been an invaluable resource for Taylor and her family as well as for the millions of other kids with Type 1 diabetes. It is research such as that funded by JDRF that has resulted in treatments like the pump which help make life more normal for affected kids.

Last year Taylor rallied friends and family and her taekwondo school to become the largest group of walkers at the Honolulu JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, and to raise over $8000. The ohana (family) would like to exceed their record this year, so I invite you to help me support Team Taylor Kickin’ Diabetes by donating before November 6th. Even the smallest amount counts. AND, like last year, to sweeten the deal, I’ll send a fabric postcard to anyone who contributes! (Last year was mostly landscapes, so I’m thinking rooted houses this year — feel free to weigh in in the comments.)

Heart House III 5"x7"

You may donate at my Walker Page (www.JDRF.org and type my name and Hawaii for the state in the Search for a Walker sidebar) or via my Facebook page (look for the Support JDRF tab).

Mahalo for your support!

31 Aug

My Bundle of Sewing Love

Here’s my IBOL II Bundle. This time, I dove into the little used bin of dressmaking fabrics and pulled out a few pieces that were in the one to two yard ballpark. I found a pinwale corduroy, eyelet, a nice stripe and a sheer that was meant for curtains. Hopefully someone else will make good use of these fabrics since I’m obviously not getting around to doing anything with them. I don’t have many large pieces of quilting cottons, but I found a few that I either had big plans for but they fell through or I used a lot less of the fabric than expected. I think they are fun happy fabrics and hopefully someone else will too. I was also teh recipient of excellent swag at Quilt Hawaii, so I wanted to share that wealth as well. Who doesn’t love metallic threads — at least to look at and dream. Of course, I had to include top stitch needles to sew the metallics with (since I had a whole pack).

If you are interested in de-stashing and sharing our collective fabric wealth with our sewing sisters in Iraq, check out my hubby’s IBOL II blog for all the pertinant details and regular updates. Give a little.


25 Oct


Ah, the eternal question of whether what you’re doing is bloggable or not. And then the mom conundrum that even if it IS blog fodder, by the time you get around to posting it’s soooooo last week.

So, the Altered Bra fundraiser for the Hawai’i chapter of the American Cancer Society went to the Hardrock Cafe last Friday in conjunction with their Pinktober fundraising efforts for Kapiolani Medical Center. My bra was one of the high earners and went to a lovely young lady who’s mom works in the labor and delivery ward at the hospital. My photos were crap though, so there’s nothing to see.

Furlough Fridays have begun (better to have fewer school days than fewer teachers, yes?), so I took the kids to the Bishop Museum to see the “Dinosaurs Unearthed” exhibit and the newly refurbished Hawaiian Hall.


The dinos got a definite thumbs up.


The kids were surprised to find that they liked the Hawaiian Hall too (click for a bigger pic).


It is a wonderful combination of the historic building and it’s original collection, plus contemporary works to deepen the cultural understanding. It’s organized in layers too, moving through water, land and air, as well as through time as one ascends the stairs to each level. The painting detail above is from a 16 panel artwork by Carl Pao depicting the Kumulipo, or cosmology chant that is a kind of creation myth. The modern artworks blend seamlessly with the ancient artifacts, like one of our favorites, the spittoon below.


Yes, those are molars imbedded in the wood. By taking the teeth of those you defeat, you take their power, or mana, as well. Putting your refuse in a vessel holding the mana of those you’ve defeated humiliates them all the more. Not that we’re out defeating anybody.

More random stuff later.

19 Sep


Pun intended.

I’ve been a bad supporter. When I found out about the altered bra project for our local Hawai’i Chapter of the American Cancer Society, I got all excited and made a calabash bra filled with poi and covered in flowers.

Calabash detail

But then I dropped the ball on supporting the cause by finding sponsors for my “cups of life.” I posted about the bra about the same time my site was down for two days, and then my project seemed so insignificant and puny compared to all the IBOL hoopla my hubby had tapped into, so I let it sit unloved.

Now I’ve got one week to gather as much support as I can for my calabashes. Look out neighbors! If any blog readers would also like to sponsor my bra and in doing so donate to the ACS Hawai’i chapter, please leave a comment and we’ll work something out.


28 Aug

Bundle Love

I feel like my blogging has been all messed up lately. I had two things to post when my blog was down for a day and a half and when it came back up they were there, but I think it took longer than usual for RSS feeds and stuff to find them. Then I joined FaceBook. Now I’m over there as much as here and I forget what I’ve said in which place. I have to admit that a quick little blurb over there is so easy, though I feel like posts over here have a little more presence. On top of that I am totally caught up in Mr. Incredible’s IBOL project. Not that I’m actually doing anything, I’m just constantly bouncing between my email, the IBOL blog and the IBOL FaceBook page to see how amazingly the project has grown.

When he first told me of the project I never imagined that so many people would come out to support it. My post alone has over 60 comments and I never get even close to that kind of traffic on this blog. His number of hits and comments is understandably astronomical! It’s so much fun to see other people blogging about it too. Blogs that get lots of traffic and those that get little bits — it’s all added up to an amazing amount of support. Then Sew Mama Sew jumped in with bundles for people without a fabric stash to draw from and that ended up being perfect for people outside the US too (since postage can add up), plus I think a lot of sewers who just plain like SMS ordered additional bundles because they could. They sold out in an amazing 48 hours. Now Quilts, Inc. is on the bandwagon, Mr. Incredible’s got a press guy, he’s done a radio interview and there’s more in the works. Don’t forget the fun little side projects that spring up spontaneously like Nadine’s T-Shirts based on my SIL’s heart-for-an-O labeling of her box, and Happy Zombie’s adorable blog button which is way more lovie than my persian rug one. How can I possibly blog in the shadow of all this awesomeness?

Iraqi Bundles of Love


So thank you thank you thank you for all your bundle love and support! Sooner or later I’ll get back to the art bras, Hawaiian music on the lawn, quilty things, Guild happenings, and  possible projects. But right now, it all seems beside the point.

21 Aug

Grimur Roeriksson says “Save the Date (aaaarghh!)”

I know it’s not officially “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” but I got his wonderful paper Viking from Sandra and I just had to show him off.

Grimur Roereksson

I also have a few events coming up worth mentioning.

August 30th — September 4th: see two of my fiber collages (“Pink House” and “Fairytale Forest“) at the Blurred Boundaries exhibit at the Fabrications Retreat in Kalamazoo, MI.

September 7th: This is the last day to put your Iraqi Bundles of Love in the mail. Purge your stash, contribute to a good cause, and make the world a smaller more pieceful place all at the same time.

September 10th: First day of the annual SAQA Auction. I didn’t make the deadline for submitting a piece this year but that shouldn’t stop anyone from checking out all the other wonderful and affordable textile art and supporting a great organization.

September 25th — 27th: Breaking Traditions benefit exhibit at the American Sewing Expo in Novi, MI. This year’s theme is Home and I’ve donated one of my house/chair/roots pieces. If you go to the show, vote for my art and I might win a prize.

October 15th — 18th: Tactile Architecture at International Quilt Festival Houston. My art quilt “Aquifer” will be there and then travel with TA to IQF in Chicago, IL and Long Beach, CA in 2010.