30 Sep

Lot 4

Todays collection is a mixed bag. My stationery loving friend used to (maybe still does?) have a beautiful white California pottery displayed on a shelf in her dining room. It was (is?) gorgeous. This group is an ode her collection.

Way in the back is a cream colored, matte glaze, Bauer vase with handles. It’s most likely pre-1950 and in excellent condition. If this one doesn’t go on permanent loan to Mom, or isn’t sold, there’s a good chance it will sneak back into my collection. It’s an excellent example of Cal-Art pottery though, so it gets a chance for a new home at $40. ON LOAN

The next piece, clockwise, is a middle period, Bauer ringware coffee carafe. It is missing it’s stopper, has a repaired lip, and thin glaze from the factory. While it’s not practical for serving, and not as perfect a specimen as the vase, it has a great shape and would make a lovely accent somewhere, maybe with dried flowers, or a casual arrangement of sand dollars and driftwood. $9.

Front right is a single candlestick with a matte glaze — number 520 from the 1941 Bauer catalog. It’s another Cal-Art piece and I’ve seen it in many collections and on page 65 of the Tuchman book on Bauer. It has a chip along the top of one of it’s scallops. $6.

Front left is an unmarked cornucopia vase with a squirrel peeking over the edge. The glossy glaze is crazed and it has a small chip on the edge, but it’s still very usable and very cute. $8.

Lastly is a vertical cornucopia vase. The bottom is marked “80 USA” but is not Bauer. (Thank you Brenda Johnson-Escoto, author of “Breaking Bauer…Myths!” for helping to narrow down the identity of this vase.) I’m guessing from the linear petal pattern that it was made post 1950. It has cracks , discoloration, and crazed glaze. I’ll throw it in as a freebie with purchase to anyone who wants it, otherwise it goes out on the garage sale table.

Tomorrow will be an intermission for the next 12 x 12 challenge (yippee, fiber art on my blog!) and then the pottery will return with color!