06 May

Children’s Day

The Japanese influence here in Hawai’i is strong. In addition to American holidays, and Hawaiian ones (like Kamehameha Day and Prince Kuhio Day), we also learn about Japanese ones. In school the kids do special things on Girl’s Day and on Boy’s Day. I completely forgot to do anything for my daughter on Girl’s Day, so when I saw these adorable candy filled handkerchief carp on a local blog and learned that Boy’s Day is now a more generic Children’s Day, I jumped right on the bandwagon and found an excuse to go check out Shop Toast to buy a pair. Cute, cute, cute, cute! Or, as they say in Japanese (and therefore, here) “kawaii!”

The kids love their carp and the Tomoe Ame candy inside (thanks Robin for introducing us to that). My daughter is having great fun wearing the eye button. She had me put it on the back of her shirt yesterday so she could “always be watching us.”