25 Jan

The Thing About Yellow

Not long after we got to Hawaii I bought this tie dye skirt — it was cute AND on super sale! But, I had nothing to wear with it. I envisioned a mostly white blouse with a big Hawaiian print in the browns and yellows of the skirt. But yellow is hard to match. It’s very sensitive to warm and cool and purity and tones.

The closest fabric I found was too beige, but I made a cute top anyway that I wear with other bottoms. Then I found a nice big print, and I had hoped the brown and white would force the blue to coordinate better, but it doesn’t.

Then I saw yellow fabric with flying birds on it and thought that would be pretty. But when it arrived, it was far too yellow.

So, inspired by the modern aesthetic, I turned to Amy Butler and bought “Martini” in yellow. The yellow was acceptable, but the pink looked out in left field.

Tia had a blog giveaway, which I surprisingly won, and one of the Kaffe Fasset fabrics from her had potential with a rich brown to match the skirt.

With piles of other fabrics and a variety of patterns, I started organizing what I’d make with what. Digging around in my stash for fabric I had set aside for a skirt a few years ago ¬†— what did I find? A big floral in browns and yellows, with white! The perfect fabric was in my house the whole time!

Yellow Blouse

I’ve since tired of the first two blouses. The bird fabric did get used — as a skirt for my daughter. And I don’t remember what I did with the Kaffe Fasset fabric, though I made pajama pants with another fabric in the bundle.

And finally, two years later, I got around to finishing the yellow blouse! It’s based on a cowboy style blouse and I added the ruffles. I had JUST enough fabric, so I know it was meant to be.

13 Feb

Garment Sewing

Today is “Sewing Blog” day.

I’ve been on a roll with garment sewing. I’d been setting aside larger bits of fabric and grabbing patterns I like for a while now and it was getting out of control! Time to make stuff and get a few piles off the floor.

First up: Pajama Pants. I used this pattern, because I liked the packaging (I’m a sucker). I had won an obscene amount of fabric from Tia by commenting on her blog a while ago. One of the fabrics was just too bright for me, too bold for my artwork, and too black for Katja. But just right for pajama pants! It wasn’t quite enough fabric for the full length, but luckily I did have just enough of something coordinating in my stash, and I’m short.

Next up was a jersey dress. I really needed something easy to throw on and relatively cool for our new climate. I see ladies in dresses like this all the time, but can’t seem to find ones that are the right combination of color, fabric content and sleeve length/neckline when I go shopping (admittedly, I’m a lousy shopper). I grabbed a pattern I liked at Walmart of all places, and found a nice 100% cotton jersey online. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, so I’ll keep my eye open for more jersey and make another one eventually.

The most recent make is a blouse from an Asian-inspired border print. I loved the idea of the flowers growing up from the hemline.

This was a pretty easy pattern, so I didn’t think it through as I should have and it’s taking me more time and redoing than I expected. It still needs buttons and button holes, but I’m losing steam. I’m not sure if this will get done.

As a reward for sticking with my schizophrenic posts, here’s a detail from a new-ish quilt. I’m really pleased¬† with the tons of free-form hand quilting. Seems more and more shows these days want “virgin” quilts that haven’t been shown publicly (and blogs count) so I don’t know when I’ll show all of it.