12 Jan

Still Life with Eggplant, Burgundy and Emerald

I almost forgot to follow up on my Twelve by Twelve Eggplant piece. My posts here and here show a bit of my thought process and fabric auditions.

While my version is probably more traditional quilt than cubist still life, I like the way it turned out, and am so pleased that, though it was iffy at times, I managed to keep the light Kaffe Fasset fabric with all the circles. I loved it’s eggplanty background from the get-go and saw the light circles as representative of eggplant slices. For the full story and everyone else’s interpretations of the theme, check out the Twelve by Twelve blog.

09 Jan

Learning to Like Eggplant

Over at Twelve by Twelve, I showed a mosaic of my progress on our most recent challenge (Eggplant, Burgundy and Emerald palette) which upon hindsight, was probably cryptic to everyone but me.

What I wanted to show was a peek into my process of auditioning fabrics. I was trying things out approximating their position in my composition (which is the top one in the photo of my drawings).

In all that moving around of fabrics, I learned a few things. One, I don’t have nearly as much eggplanty fabrics as I thought I did given my nice collection of purples. Two, I wasn’t getting the necessary foreground, middle ground, background distinction that I needed to make the composition work (due primarily to the fabrics I was using). And three, most Baltimore Album blocks, and definitely the ones with Kaffe Fasset fabrics, don’t have a foreground, middle ground, and background.

So, back to the drawing board. The composition on the lower right retains the cornucopia, the other to the left is less Baltimore Album. I was sort of thinking Cubist still life a la Picasso or Braque, but didn’t actually go that for for fear of losing the connection to the traditional quilt. If I were to take this idea into several pieces, I definitely think exploring a cubist-inspired option would be worthwhile. Alas, you can’t cram all your ideas into one piece and I had to prioritize.

Lucky me, my mom sent me some fabrics for Christmas that fit right into the eggplant and emerald them, and I went shopping for a few more. As much as I loved the white fabric with purple sprays of leaves (a great find in my stash), it just wasn’t working. Also, to keep with my “modern” theme I realized I needed some solids, both since they are very in vogue right now, but also to bring in the rich color I wasn’t getting through the print fabrics, and to provide a little rest.

Putting on the finishing touches, I had to use this embroidery floss from my mom. It’s got all our colors (plus a few more) and plays very nicely with my fabrics. I’ve had problems in the past with hand dyed flosses bleeding, but since I won’t be throwing this little piece in the wash, I think it’s the perfect place for the floss and I used it almost all up.

I’ll show one more step and the final piece on the twelfth. And as much as I like the color, and this little quilt, I am still not a fan of the vegetable eggplant.