14 Jun

Quilt Retreat!

I am a member of SAQA, and, lucky me, one of the co-representatives for our VA/NC region lives right here in C’Ville. I also count her amongst my friends and peers. So, when she organized a week long retreat at her house, it was easy to jump right in as a “day tripper.”


First off, the setting is lush and rural even though it’s mere minutes outside the city. Mary Beth’s chickens run to greet you (well, psych you out as they really just run past) if you walk through their pasture.


Goats provide milk each day to accompany the fresh eggs.


But the best part was a large family room emptied out and then filled with tables for a rotating list of local and not so local art quilters. It was wonderful to meet people with shared interests, and to see what everyone was working on. There was a large range of styles and techniques. Based on our post-game emails, everyone left inspired and energized.


This table was my base of operations for five greatly productive days. I finished embroidering the whiskers on Zeitgeist, and started a medallion quilt that has been on my mind for at least six months. Being able to work surrounded by camaraderie and positive energy rather than groceries and laundry is a boon.


We were “serenaded” by Mary Beth’s peacocks, so Anita brought in Barb Forrister’s fun, sparkly, sparkly peacock pumps she had purchased through the Kick Off Your Heels Fundraiser.


And on the last day, two peachicks hatched and brought out the mother hen in all of us.

All in all a great week, and I look forward to hopefully doing it again next year.