25 Mar


Yesterday I discharged. I used Jaquard Discharge Paste, which works nearly as well as bleach on hand dyed fabrics and is a bit less toxic. I slopped it around on some of the dyed marbled fabrics I was dissatisfied with a week or two ago. It definitely lightened things up, but the results look more worn and scuffed to me than hot and molten. I think this photo shows better how the black paint has faded than the pre-discharge photos do. What it also shows is a few pieces of very hot orange fabric from my quilt mom Gerrie, which I think are great candidates for more marbling. I also have an interesting piece of orange flowered fabric from blog friend Mary that’s been twisted and dyed black, which has some lava potential as well.

This has been a great experiment. I may use a few tiny bits of these fabrics, but I am inspired to keep trying other things until I get the finished result I want. I’m pretty sure that marbling on orange will get me the colors I envision, but I’m not wild about how the marbling paint behaves after washing. I’m going to try marbling with fiber reactive dyes next. I’ve queried the dye and marbling source, Dharma Trading Company and though they had no formulas for me, they did think I was on the right track.

On the more successful side, I discharged some roots for another project. Since discharging on hand dyed fabrics can produce unexpected and wonderful colors, I tried three different fabrics just to see what happened.

The top fabric is a cotton duvet cover that I had previously tie dyed turquoise and then a reddish brown. I over-dyed it with a green mixed from blue and yellow dyes I had.

The center piece is an ochre/brown commercial print over-dyed with the same green as the piece above. I was kind of hoping that the discharge paste would only go through the dye and reveal the commercial print, but I got the same turquoise as above.

The bottom piece is a linen tablecloth I had previously dyed reddish brown and baby poop color. I over-dyed it a darker green made with a different yellow, the blue and some black and leftover mystery dye (I know, very scientific).

I quite like the tie dyed shapes on this one and the roots discharged to a nicely contrasty turquoise that intrigues me.

But I’m thinking I’m going to use this one because of the loamy, earthy, colors and texture.