06 Oct

More Costuming

None Shall Pass!

This has turned out to be a rather cobbled together costume. The helmet is a cardboard one we bought in Germany a few years ago and which has been waiting patiently for the rest of the ensemble. The shield and sword are wooden ones also from Germany medieval festivals and which have seen lots of use in backyard battles since.

Who Goes There?

I knit the chain mail out of a semi-metallic crochet yarn and big needles. It looks pretty authentic, but all the loops pull and distort easily and it was a pain in the butt to knit. In retrospect (and if I need to make a girl version of this outfit to go with her sword and shield) I would probably be better off getting the metallic mesh fabric at the fabric store. The belt came straight out of my closet.


The bracers have been the project of the last two days. ¬†They are made of fun foam cut to shape and secured with elastic and velcro. I used as many supplies as possible already in the house, but I really, really, really should have gotten black elastic. The white just makes the whole thing cheesy. It’s all buried in layers of foam in hot glue though, so I don’t think I’ll actually change anything. We need to do something about the pants too. I don’t think they had track suits in the Middle Ages. He’s got some light brown pants that should look more authentic and allow the leg bracers to show up better too.