04 Jul

Arty Stuff

I’ve been blogging in my head again. I need to figure out how to plug my brain directly into my blog dashboard…


On the social front, I went to the American Visionary Artist Museum in Baltimore last weekend with the best dates ever for this kind of thing, Deborah and Tonya. No photos allowed inside, and we were too caught up enjoying the art anyway, so I don’t have much to show. The current exhibit is The Art of Storytelling, which we thought was well presented and offered a good variety of narratives both in style and substance.

AVAM Tonya

My favorites were the paper cuts by Beatrice Coron. There was also wonderful stitched narratives by Esther Nisenthal Krinitz and Chris Roberts-Antieau (who is new to me but so wonderfully dry-humored I question why I had never heard of her before). The museum itself and the wacky gift shop were fun too. Lots of mirror mosaic, like this Cosmic Egg by Andrew Logan. Oh, and though a bit pricey, the on site restaurant is delicious, and I thought worth every penny.


On the local art scene front, guess whose work is just inside the front door at The McGuffey Art Center’s Summer Group Show?

MAC Summer Show

Yup, those are my summer fields, Raps and Am Rand des Omas Weizenfeld, waiting for the lighting to be adjusted, but looking good nonetheless. Come by before mid-August if you’re in the area. There’s a wonderful variety of work on display and a lot of bright, summery, color.

On the educational front, I’m still attending the life drawing group almost weekly. Today’s session was particularly good.


Robert, who’s studio we use for the Thursday at Saturday morning sessions, has what he calls “The Cube,” which is actually a rectangular prism made of welded steel tubing covered with foam pipe insulation. It is also known as a “pose making machine” because the models can contort and balance and be supported in all sorts of ways not possible on the floor or in a chair. These are warm-up drawings, and drawings on top of drawings, but maybe the gist will come across. I love The Cube.




So, hopefully that catches me up on most things and maybe next time I won’t wait so long between posts.