24 May

Aloha Party Dress

My MIL is getting married next month and my kids will most likely be part of the ceremony. It will be a pretty casual affair, and seeing as we live in Hawai’i, I thought it would be fun for the kids to have matching “Ohana Wear” (aloha shirt and mu’u mu’u).

I found what I thought would work well, but by the time I returned to the store several months later, it was gone (darn economy). We checked some other stores, but realized that, duh, I could sew up exactly what we wanted.

Katja rejected a more traditional ruffly-look mu’u mu’u for a party dress silhouette. The pattern (McCall’s M6020) had variations with sheer overlays, and a petticoat underneath, but I simplified it to just the basic dress. I really liked the integrated band and back ties, but Katja insisted that she didn’t want ties in the back. So, I skipped the band and made a separate sash that she can tie wherever she wants, or skip all together.

The sash will make more sense when brother’s shirt is done, because it matches his fabric (he would have nothing to do with the purple fabric).

18 Oct

It IS October!

There were pumpkins at the Commissary today. They reminded us of some cute little ghoulies in an old Halloween issue of Martha Stewart Kids we had perused for my son’s monster birthday cupcakes. Once home and dressing up pumpkins, my daughter encouraged me to get out our paper bats from a party one or two years ago. And in the blink of an eye, it’s actually kinda Halloween-y around here.

Of course, I’m still sewing up warm weather clothes. The fabric for the last top (Simplicity 7399 for anyone wondering) was supposed to go with a yellow and brown skirt I bought (and didn’t bring fabric shopping). No matter, it’s soft drape was perfect for it’s final incarnation. I tried again for a blouse to go with the skirt, pulling out McCall’s 8722 which has been in my pattern box since the 80s.

I remember being very happy with the blouse when I first made it 20-odd years ago, but it didn’t occur to me that maybe I should make the collar a tad bit smaller until it was too late. Please tell me big collars are coming back in style! (I also see I need to adjust the placement of a button or two, but that I CAN do.)