20 Jun

Family Afghan

This afghan has graced my dad’s couch for what seems like eons. It might have originally come from my grandparents. Or maybe not. Family things get passed down and I forget what came from where as they all seem to blend together both emotionally and aesthetically.

Old Family afghan

Anyway, after visiting my dad recently and seeing this, I have a wild hair to recreate it. Or at least make something similar. After seeing how much yarn an afghan can eat up when I made ripple blankets for my mom and myself though, I want to keep a lid on this one.

I’ve narrowed down some yarn choices, and I wonder if my yarny blog friends have any tips. I could return to teh Plymouth Encore. I’m pretty happy with my current Encore afghan — though it would be interesting to try something without acrylic. Choice number two is probably Lion Brand Wool-Ease. The colors and price are right, especially if I wait for a 50% off the entire order coupon from Jo-Ann’s. It’s still an acrylic blend though. Speaking of Jo-Ann’s, Patton Angora Bamboo looks intriguing. Ravelry says it can be hairs-in-your-nose-itchy though. This Bambool is also interesting. I’ve knit with bamboo and like the softness, but I’m afraid the size of an afghan would pull it out of shape. Back in acrylic blendy-land, Swish from Knit Picks keeps coming up, and it has good colors and a good price. They also have Wool of the Andes Worsted. I’m afraid that it will be too itchy and splitty and felt up on me though.

Anybody got any words of yarn wisdom for me?