30 Jan

Totally non-Fascinating Stuff

Wanna know how to make even the most recalcitrant kid giggle? Play Go Fish with Hawaiian fish cards.

Skill-wise we are way beyond Go Fish, but I saw this deck as I was killing time while my car got serviced and had to have it. It’s been very fun — you try saying Lauwiliwili’nukunuku’oi’oi (longest Hawaiian fish name)! It’s been a small help in entertaining us as I try to cut the kids’ TV time while expending as little as possible of my own energy.

It’s funny as I go through the day and debate with myself if what we’re doing is blog-worthy. This week, I’ve considered plenty, but nothing really worth the effort of sitting down o write about. We did meet some of the Ace of Cakes crew (Duff, Erica, Sophie, but no Mary Alice :-(), while they are borrowing one of the Dining facilities on Schofield Barracks (where we’re stationed), however weren’t allowed in the kitchen to see them in action. If you’re curious though, tune in to their season finale (I’m guessing a few months from now) where they make a cake for LOST (love that show) and honor an Army pilot with a Blackhawk cake (complete with turning rotors says Duff).

I’ve also considered writing about my current ennui. I’m tired, and tired of being a single parent. We’re only two and a half months into Mr. Incredible’s deployment, so I know I need to, as they say in the Army, “Suck it up and drive on,” but I’m allowing myself a little wallow first. This got me to thinking about whether or not I’d talk deployment on my blog. It’s in no way related to fiber art, but maybe here’s an opportunity for a window into the life of an Army wife. Although all the stereotypes you see on TV are true, at the same time none of them are true either, and unless you live the life, many may not have a clue what makes our lives unique. I told our neighbor/friend today I had just gotten to the “tired of being a single parent” phase and she responded that she’d already been there, done that. We tend to go through similar stages, but everyone does it at a different pace. It used to be that the first week and then month were the hardest, but since we’ve had short (four month) separations just about every year, and the kids and I moved here without Art, maybe it’s taken us a little longer to really miss him. He’s not really been a part of our Hawai’i life, so there’s no gaping hole where he should be. But right now I’m just tired from being “on” all the time. Next week should be good because the kids actually have school all five days! I’m guessing we’ll get our groove back and then by the time we get to the “It’s been four months now, shouldn’t dad be coming home soon” phase, we’ve got summer fun with my MIL all lined up. I can’t say what the second half of the deployment will bring, as we’ve done up to eight months apart, but this is our first 12 monther (I’m so glad the powers that be realized that 15 months is just tooooooooooooooooooo long).

Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible is having a very good day on the other side of the world. 🙂