18 Jul

30 Lines Quilt

A while back I participated in the 30 Lines in 30 Days exercise hosted by Melly Testa. When we reached 30 days, I decided that I needed to do something with one of the small compositions to give the project some context. I’m primarily a quilter, so it made sense to translate one of the squares into a quilt.

Upon request, I’ve added more details as to the process.

Lines 14 -- string!
The line painting

30 Lines in 30 Days WIP 1
The fabric version

(I cut one inch strips of black fabric with the grain. I considered bias strips, but decided that the curves weren’t too curvy and I didn’t want that much play. I pinned the strips to my background fabric following the layout of my 30 Lines drawing.)

30 Lines in 30 Days WIP 2
A little further along

(I used a water soluble fabric marker to trace the the center of the black lines onto the other fabrics. I cut away the excess fabric on the lines. Removing fabric required unpinning and re-pinning lines. I’m OK with that, but those who like maximum accuracy would be better off drawing a full sized cartoon on paper and using the paper as a pattern for the shapes — to include seam allowances and marks to match as on dress-making patterns.)

30 Lines in 30 Days WIP 3
More bits

(I randomly sewed together bits of the fabrics in the fashion of improvisational piecing. I sewed some onto my larger solid areas to add interest and a bit of a transition. Other sections are completely little pieced bits. I used the lines and/or the edges of the other pieces as guides for trimming the pieced sections. If the black lines were removed, all the sections would fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.)

30 Lines in 30 Days WIP 4
Just about there

(Knowing that vertical lines would look best unbroken, I pieced the horizontal sections first. There’s a section where I decided I would stop a line early and where one vertical line connects with another — that required a partial seam and then the addition of a few more parts and then finishing off the partial bit. Again, it’s a puzzle.)

30 Lines in 30 Days Finished Top
All sewn together.

(Do other improvisational piecers who use gentle curves clip those curves? I clipped mine before pressing, and though 1/4″ seam allowance doesn’t leave much to clip, I do think it was worth the effort, especially with my non-bias strips.)

30 Lines in 30 Days WIP detail
A detail.

It needs a bit of unpicking and re-sewing to make it all flat and smooth, and then I need to decide what kind of quilting it wants — different motifs in each section, or sectioned straight line quilting a la Lisa Call’s work, or perhaps something I haven’t yet thought of…