06 Jun


The Service Flag quilt exists no more. It has been transformed. I am calling the series quilted art on canvas, and I see it as decor more than anything else. I made a variety of sizes, and I still have some bits left over if I want to keep going! Presenting Americana: Americana I, 16″x20″ […]

17 May


I started this quilt in 2002 as my reaction to 9/11. At the time, I was making the transition from more traditional quilts (sticking to existing patterns and gridded layouts) to more organic art quilts. I saw things pretty literally (I still struggle a lot with being too literal). As background, we were living in […]

04 Jul


Thank you all for the kind support of art over housework. I especially appreciate that my moms are so supportive of my creative ventures. I’m very fortunate that way. The point I was trying to make yesterday was that not all creative/crafty gals have picture perfect homes with coordinating linens and seasonally appropriate decor (or […]

02 Oct

More Americana

I’ve been working on a few more pieces in my Americana series. McGuffey Art Center is holding a benefit show in November to raise funds to replace all their hall lights with LEDs so as to save money on electricity and to keep the building cooler in the summer months. MAC artists were given 12×12 […]

20 Mar

Works in Progress

It seems I’m swimming in works in progress. It’s not just the artwork either. I’ve got a bunch of half-baked projects around the house too — mostly to do with upgrading my computer’s operating system. That threw all my ancient programs out of whack and so now I’m trying to upgrade where I can, but […]