16 Nov

Houston 4

There seemed to be a bajillion categories of quilts in Houston, and a half jillion exhibits, so it was sensory overload trying to keep everything straight. It did seem to me though, that most everything was “recognizable.” Lots of landscapes, flowers, portraits and things that looked “quilty” (though they’d never actually be used as quilts, […]

15 Nov

Houston 3

There were quite a few figurative quilts in the show. Now, I’ve got issues with the portrayal of the human form in quilt art. It’s a tough one — maybe because there is limited use of people in the vernacular of quilts. Sunbonnet Sue, Baltimore album silhouettes, and cookie cutter style people in story quilts: […]

11 Nov

Houston part 2b

This is a quick one for the Hawai’i Quilt Guild. There were a whole group of lovely quilts by Kathy Nakajima’s students, but I didn’t photograph them because we can see their work pretty easily. But, since last year’s challenge was miniature quilts, I knew I had to share these amazing ones: “A Touch of […]

10 Nov

Houston part 2

I did not take any pictures of the big prize winners at Houston. They look like you will expect them to look, and my photos wouldn’t do justice to the intricate and dense machine quilting on them. Better to see the official winner’s pages here at Quilts.com. What I did take pictures of were quilts […]

08 Jan

2017 Goals

I’m kind of hit or miss with the end-of-year or beginning-of-year blogging. I think it’s worthwhile though to look back and see that yes, it was a good and creative year, even though looking at everyone else’s lists might make you feel like ┬áslug. Looking forward at potential goals for the upcoming year isn’t a […]