08 Nov

Houston Quilt Festival 2014 (Part 1)

It’s a little hard to explain or wrap up Quilt Festival. It’s big and overwhelming, and I think it’s different for everyone. The first year I attended, it was mostly about curiosity, and a little bit to thank sponsors for supporting my husband’s IBOL project to get sewing supplies to women in Iraq. I was […]

04 Nov

Thoughts on Houston

As the big quilt show in Houston wraps up, I’ve been doing some post-show ruminating. No, I didn’t attend this year, or last, though I have been twice (2010 and 2011). I am recognizing a kind of love hate reaction to the show. I love seeing everyone’s photos of the quilts and reporting from the […]

13 Nov

IQF Houston: part 5

I think this is my last Houston post. I have a few more quilts to share that caught my eye. In all though, I think that both this year and last, the best part of the show is meeting and networking with others. I’m not doing any networking that I expect to lead to sales […]

12 Nov

IQF Houston: part 4

We interrupt the pretty quilts for some shopping and a giveaway! First off, Lark Books is having a giveaway, and one of the books is ours! For a chance to win Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge, or several other books (the Masters 2 book is chock full of pretty and inspiring artwork) […]