24 Apr

What’s Going On Here

OK, Spring has sprung and I can’t resist posting photos of my garden. I usually only get one good year from a garden: we move in the first year and start planning and planting; the next summer we reap the benefits of a young garden; the third summer we move out. We moved into this house a year ago last September and so last summer looked pretty good. Then half the garden was dug up to remove a tree (THE tree–it’s a small garden). So part of the garden was started over. I’m quite happy with how it’s looking and hope to still be here next summer to finally watch a garden start to mature.

Garden 1

Garden 2

Saturday was one of our neighbor’s birthday. She opted for a clown party, so Thursday we shopped for a pattern and fabric (got to go to the fabric store’s secret cellar for out of season fabrics for the fun Fasching stuff). I spent Friday sewing the cutest pants ever with a big waist, striped pockets and a tie that worked as suspenders. I used the leftover fabric, plus cool circle fabric from Dorothee to make a jumper for my daughter. I was going to save the circle fabric, but Katja had wanted it for herself pretty much from the moment I opened Dorothee’s package.

Kids dressed up

And finally, I have been working on the next forest quilt. I am really having fun with this one. Having labored over the blocks in the winter forest (Traumwald) quilt, I really like the freedom of knowing what I’m doing on this one. I straightened out the seams and that’s speeding up the process. I’m able to work more easily mixing up the fabrics in each block. I can totally see the benefits and fun in working the same basic block over and over, becoming more fluent each time. Now I’ll have to come up with more forest variations so I can keep working on this.

Fliegenpilz in progress

My theme for this one is the Fliegenpilz, or Amanita muscara (Fly Agaric). It is the ubiquitous cute red mushroom that is a good luck symbol and graces many greeting cards and Christmas trees as well as all things cute and garden gnome-y. Germans love them, although I doubt it’s overtly because of their hallucinogenic properties. There are Fliegenpilz images everywhere and I see them as very German. Now that I’ve learned more about them, my interest is even more piqued, even though they seem less quintisentially German now. Here’s a cute fabric that I HAD to buy last November. I don’t have much, and the background color is wrong, so I think I’ll use it on the back.

Fliegenpilz fabric

4 thoughts on “What’s Going On Here

  1. Hmmm…. At first I was thinking that the mushrooms were too cute to back such a sophisticated quilt. Then I remembered the theme – this is about Germany and in my visits, I was certainly struck by the many gnomes and the forest orientation. It seems only fitting that the mushrooms would be hiding in the back. So is the cuteness the lighthearted outlet for such a serious society?

  2. Of course I love your garden pics!! Do tulips last more than one year for you? If so, you are lucky, indeed!
    Your clown costumes remind me of Halloweens about 15 years ago. I used to love to make my daughter’s dress-ups! That was the most fun ever!
    I love your new quilt!!! Amazing what you do with fabric!!

  3. Hi Kristin,
    I’m so enamored of your tulip picture by the fence. SO ENAMORED, in fact, that may I have your permission to reproduce that image in quilt form? Email me so we can discuss. Much aloha, Dianna

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