03 May

Just Another Day on Oahu

Our downstairs neighbor from six years ago and half a world away was in town last week for a conference on post. We were able to take him out on the town his last afternoon/evening here.

First we got delicious ice cream from Lappert‘s at the Hilton Hawaiian Village — for sustenance, of course.

Then walked along the beach…

and climbed a tree..

We visited Duke and the Wizard Stones

and worked our way to Kapiolani Park, though we missed the Lei Day festivities.

We’ll definitely have come back to this next year to see the lei competition.

After the park, we did a little shopping for trinkets to bring home, and the kids got sucked in by the Pick a Pearl ladies. We showed them though, and they kids picked an oyster with TWO pearls! It also ended up that one of the ladies’ daughters is a soldier and was in our friend’s unit a few years ago. Small world!

Dinner was at California Pizza Kitchen, which are nation wide, but does yours have outdoor dining with tiki torches?

Finally, we ended up in the Storyteller’s lap and then returned home. Definitely a good way to spend a Friday evening.

2 thoughts on “Just Another Day on Oahu

  1. I LOVE the photo of Katja – too cool. And the leis are gorgeous. Looks like such a great place to entertain visitors.

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