02 May

Hawaii Quilt Guild 25th Anniversary Show

I returned to the Linekona on Friday morning to be a quilt sitter (or docent, as I prefer) at the Quilt Guild show — and this time I remembered my camera!

None of my quilts are visible in these shots as they were on the fringe, but the photos do give a very good feeling for the space and the look of the show as a whole.

9 thoughts on “Hawaii Quilt Guild 25th Anniversary Show

  1. What a beautiful show. I love how the quilts are hung -it doesn’t look so quilt showish, if you know what I mean!!

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  3. a wonderful gallery – and really beautiful quilts as far as I see. I’d love to see some detail shots if you got some? *hinthint*

  4. The pics tell me it is a great show and I want to see more. I believe I could have a lovely time there and find something new as long as I let my eyes wander.

  5. I was leading a quilt cruise from Honolulu to Vancouver and we were able to take in the show. it was a delightful treat to see quilts in a lovely display area and such a diverse range of content and theme. Your show made our day!

  6. This is the kind of place all quilts should be shown…it just says “this quilt is art” (to those people who don’t know that yet!). As far as SPAM…I think that a Spam Festival is the only place I would eat it and then I would have to think about it…..childhood memories, you know.

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