22 Apr

Another Quilt Done

I’m devoting this year to making a sort of a series of quilts based on my impressions of Germany. So far it’s pretty much landscapes, as I am impressed by the differences between the areas in Germany in which I’ve lived and Southern California where I grew up. This one revealed itself to me while driving home from an aquaintance’s house this winter. I had wanted to do something with free-form sliced up blocks, and the forest I drove through that day looked exactly like what I had in mind construction-wise. When deciding how to quilt this, I got a wild hair and dove into quilting a castle.


Wow, busy. All that quilting may have been a bit misguided, but I had to try it, and once I jumped in, it was too late to turn back. Besides, what’s the point if can’t take chances, right?

Märchenwald detail

Since German trees are all catalogued, I added numbers to a few of mine. This one is marked with my son’s age this year:

Märchenwald detail 2

Here’s the back so you can see most of the castle. It is based mostly on my favorite castle, Burg Eltz (not near my house, but inland from the intersection of the Rhein and Mosel rivers). Mainly due to it’s location, the castle has never been destroyed (as many were, thanks to Napoleon and others) and so it is quite authentic. I love the way it has grown over the centuries with many additions in a variety of architectural styles.

Märchenwald Back

Märchenwald back detail

It’s not going to win any machine quilting awards, but it was fun to do and I enjoyed the exploration. I will quilt trees again — they were very satisfying. I was going to name it Zwischen Mauer und Leimen because that’s where I found the inspiration, but there’s no castle there. Right now, I’m calling it Märchenwald, which means Fairy Tale Forest, but maybe I’ll change it to Traumwald, meaning dream forest since I’m pretty sure the region in which the Grimm brothers lived is also refered to as the Märchenwald. I’m entertaining input.

13 thoughts on “Another Quilt Done

  1. Kristen, you have outdone yourself. This is sooooooo beautiful. Like they say, “The quilting makes the quilt”. I could never tire of looking at this.

    Oh, I don’t have a blog anymore. Taking a little break….but I can’t resist checking in to see what you’re up to.

  2. I vote for Traumwald since the concept sort of came to you as a dream. It is beautiful and can be appreciated from both sides.

  3. Kristin, this is SO fabulous!! I love that it’s completely abstract in the piecing, but then when you look at the quilting (particularly from the back) it’s a more representational landscape. That’s a wonderful juxtaposition!

    You can’t make something like this and then everEVER try to say you aren’t an artist. Seriously.

  4. WOW!! You definitely are a wonderful artist. Thank you for bringing your wonderful talents and energy to the family. I just wished we lived closer!

    And, remember, if you ever need a home for any more of your quilts, I’d be happy to accommodate! (as I’m sure would lots of others…)

  5. I’m speechless(well alright, nearly)This is so breathtaking I can’t believe how you can ever question your artistic abilities EVER!!!I I had an actual OOOOOO..AHHHHHHHmoment when I looked at the first pic and then moved on to the next. My God you’re good! Dee

  6. Oh!! I’ve been to thqt castle. This is wonderful – the quilt design and the quilting design. You are an artist for sure. I want to see this in a show here in the states. Bravo…

  7. This is wonderful! The quilted trees and the castle – can´t stop looking at it.
    This definitely is the work of an artist. Too bad I don´t live closer, so I could go to your show.

  8. Kristin, I can’t decide which side I like better! This is a wonderful quilt! You may want to consider entering it in the Machine Quilter’s showcase. I’ve been to it twice, and I think it would fit right in. They have many different categories so you may want to enter it as an art quilt. You are certainly productive! Keep it up!

  9. This is a fabulous piece, Kristin! What a beautiful combination of original, artistic design and memento of your experiences. Lovely!

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