29 Apr

My Rooms

You know how you plateau on something and it stagnates for a while, then something happens and it all breaks loose? Getting our house how I want it has been like that. I told myself with this house I wasn’t going to wait to change, acquire, or remove things, since it seems like we always move before I get to any of it. I was stumped by our cuckoo clock though. It’s heavy enough that I didn’t want to hang it just from drywall, but the house has steel framing, so it doesn’t follow the usual 16″ wood stud rules, nor the masonry construction rules I’m used to.

After more than six months of timid knocking and nailing, I finally decided to just suck it up and nail holes until I found the steel stud. I finally did, and after a comical misunderstanding with my trusty drill, I’ve hung the clock. At long last, no more packing box in the living room! (Later, my neighbor told me a super-strong magnet is a great tool for metal stud location. Duh.)

About the same time as my cuckoo triumph, I treated myself to all three issues of Studios magazine. That definitely shook something loose. Though I didn’t actually see an example in any of the issues, they got me all excited to find a drop leaf table for my own studio/guest room and to give up on my leather couch quest (I know what I want, but it’s not on this island and as our current couch is perfectly fine, I don’t really need it anyway) and buy a futon instead of moving the current living room sofa-bed upstairs.

I started an affair with Craig’s List. The perfect table was on Maui, but without the Superferry in operation, it wasn’t exactly practical. Then up popped this craft cabinet for $35. It’s a piece of you-know-what, but for the price, I figured I could paint it, use it, and chuck it in 2 1/2 years. As long as I was painting, I decided I aught to paint the bench I bought off German eBay three years ago and always meant to paint white.

The right futon took a bit longer as there were so many, I actually had to decide exactly what it was I wanted. I was amazed to find it within two weeks.

How about a tour now that things are looking pretty good?

Directly to the left of the door is my “new” sewing cabinet, my famed mushroom collection, and a bookcase I can’t live without.

As long as you don’t look too close, it’s pretty perfect! I’ve been wondering where to put my cubbies of trim since I ran out of wall space.

The futon dominates the room, but at least my guests won’t have to sleep on a twin foam mattress on the floor anymore. My mushroom quilt definitely helps it play nice with the rest of the room! (By the way, the left half of the sewing cabinet folds away so guests have a little more room.)

Looking the other way, is my actual sewing table. There’s a lot of piles around it which wax and wane depending on the state of my projects. The past several weeks have been busy with my new friend Craig, and the Guild Quilt Show, but hopefully I’ll be able to spend more time in this room soon.

The fourth wall is closet. That’s my fabric stash showing, but I can hide it behind the mirror door if I want. The other half of the sliding door is covered with batting and functions as a design wall. If I owned this house I’d fill the closet with sturdy shelves so I could slide all my bins of supplies in and out easily, but it’s not, so I’m content with rearranging small stacks as needed.

Painting the sewing cabinet led to painting the little bench, which lives in my bedroom.

The other side of the bed looks like this:

An aside, next to the window is a small window artwork by Natalya Aikens. She and I had swapped art a little over a year ago, but in an unfortunate turn of events, I lost hers in our move. I held out hope for several months, but I fear that I threw it away thinking that it’s cardboard packing was just another piece of the sea of cardboard trash we were surrounded by. When I told her (just so she’s know the whereabouts, or lack thereof, of her work) she very generously offered to send me another one!!!! I am so pleased to be able to once again, grace my walls with Natalya’s work, and it looks so nice hanging with my other blue art.

The motif on the bench matches this gentleman’s wardrobe, which I love, love, love. The woods didn’t compliment each other though, hence the paint.

The aqua paint (not quite as garish as these photos, but hardly quiet) was inspired by this frame I painted not long after we moved in. My dad had a deer head who’s antlers he hangs his ties on so I find my mini necklace version endlessly amusing.

I love my patchwork bathmat. It pretty much inspired the whole master suite!

This is the third time (in seven dwellings) we’ve had double sinks. I love them. Fewer bathrooms, more sinks — that’s my motto. I also love all the art in our bathroom. It makes mornings beautiful.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour. When I finish my ripple afghan, then I’ll show off the couch and it’s environs.

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  1. Technology is a double edged sword. When I tried to post this I was denied access because of some technological glitch. However, due to the wonders of technology, I emailed my Tech Support (and World’s Greatest Husband) on the other side of the world, and with the help of Skype for the two of us and LiveChat for the host’s tech support, my Mann fixed the problem! Boo technology for changing things I didn’t want changed. Yay technology for giving us the tools for fixing the problem. Double yay for Mr. Incredible for staying up late after a long meeting without dinner to help me!

  2. And now I’ve come full circle. Kristin’s blog was down so I clicked over to her quilt blog pals Gerrie and Terry to see what other oregonians were up to. I saw on Terry’s blog an American oak washstand similar to one we got for Kristin when she was a teen. Kristin said there would be a decorating post as soon as the pirates released her blog from captivity. And there is the washstand.

  3. Kristin! YOur home is so lovely. I adore all the German bits. All my furniture is in Storage in Texas, but I will be reunited with it soon, and your home is so inspiring. I can’t wait to nest again!

  4. wow you’ve been busy, your home looks lovely! i love all the happy colors, and looks like my art is happy there as well… 😉

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