16 Apr

Stuff I Like

I like weekends and holidays. I like them for the usual reasons, but I also like them because it usually means TS&WGH is home, and he distracts the kids so I can sew all day! Since Deborah says she’s checking my blog daily for log progress, here’s what I did Friday:
Stacked Logs, etc.

And here’s what I did today. I’ll let you guys connect the dots:

Winter Forest Back

And along the way, I realized that I really like the little clip thing on my machine. normally it holds a card that shows all the fancy stitches, but I now see that it has great potential to hold other inspiration, instructions, or whatever…

Cool Clip Thing

6 thoughts on “Stuff I Like

  1. Beautiful quilting – is that the bacdk of something? have I missed something? It is all wonderful and I want to get to work in myn studio – hopefully, next week.

  2. Oh my goodness. This is so scrumptious. I am loving it. You are so productive. Can you tell me how you decide to combine embroidery with fmq and in what order you do them?

  3. K – Art told me about the castle drawing you enlarged with the overhead projector. It looks great! And, I won’t spill the beans about where it is…

  4. Lovely work! I like it.
    I found your blog and website a few days ago.
    And how funny to see Linda’s quilt which I recognized even before reading your text.
    I’ll keep on reading your blog.

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