03 Jun

My Process

I may not have found my artistic voice, or style yet, but I’m definitely settling in to a process.

Momentum seems to have a lot to do with it. I get an idea and then I have to jump right into it. Or, if I can’t do that, I write it in my sketchbook, make dinner, collect bits, mull it over, procrastinate a lot, get side tracked, and do myriad other things that lack discernible forward movement. It’s all good though, because this slow percolating time helps me refine what it is I’m going to create.

Then, when the mood hits and the planets align, I get down to work. The hardest part is that this is when the momentum really kicks in and once I’m elbow-deep in paints or dye, or firmly planted in front of the sewing machine, I don’t want to stop. More frozen pizza nights than I want to admit to are the direct result of sewing “just one more row,” “I’m almost to a stopping point,” or my favorite, “I’ll be right there,” which really means I’m standing in front of my design wall contemplating the next move.

Knowing that I work in these fits and spurts helps me to get the most out of them, such as grouping like tasks together, or making sure there’s plenty of pizza in the freezer. Another aspect of my process is to gather bits so that when I do get inspired, I can access the bits akin to a painter choosing paint from blobs on her palette (a great analogy I adopted from artist Gerry Chase in her workshop).

One day I’ll be immersed in sun printing, and try out multiple colors and sizes of motifs. Painting and stamping are the same. If I dye fabric, I’ll throw in some extra pieces, or maybe some yarn or lace. Another day I’ll be piecing, and I’ll sort scraps by color, or set aside cut-off strips, squares or triangles that could come in handy in another project. Now, I take crochet yarn to the kids’ TaeKwonDo and hook roots while I wait. I need to have several things going at once so that I can choose one aspect and roll with it for a while, not breaking my momentum to create a single project start to finish, but rather to focus on a day to paint, or to sit at the machine, to crochet or embroider, until I have enough pieces to sort through them to create the composition I’m looking for.

The last two photos are details of quilted, embroidered, fabric and thread collages mounted on or sewn to stretched canvases — similar to Cloud House. There will definitely be more.

14 thoughts on “My Process

  1. Oh, this looks like some wonderful stuff you are doing! Hope we get to see more. I know those fits and spurts quite well. It is a way of life or a state of mind or something . . .

  2. Your process is much like mine, however, I have yet to produce anything as wonderful as portrayed in your sneak peeks! I love the crocheted roots and the chair. Pizza does cover the major food groups! Have a great weekend. Cheers.

  3. oh, i love the one with the chair in the garden! it reminds me of having tea outside, watching at the roses (and ignoring the weeds).

    good to hear there’s a lot of pizza in your freezer too! 😉

  4. this looks scrumptious! love the crocheted roots too. i work in quite a similar way with frozen pizza and hot dogs in the fridge… maybe it has to do with the little kids at foot. wonder if that would change when they are older?

  5. This is similar to my working process as well, I make/accumulate components, then put them together in a heady rush. I love the crocheted roots and the sneak peak you are giving us of what promises to be a fascinating organically textured piece.

  6. Thes are so cool and so different from the last work. I often think I’ve found my calling, then I see something or learn something that takes me to an entirely different place. That’s the joy (or perhaps passion!) of it

  7. Oh, my goodness, your rooted works are just incredible. I am so proud to own one of them! You keep growing and expanding on this theme and they are boundlessly beautiful and intriguing. Fabulous.
    ~Emily xx

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