14 Apr

Good News, Bad News

First, the good news: I think I’ve found the perfect Flammkuchen recipe!! Flammkuchen is Weinfest (Wine Festival) food. It’s for hot September evenings at the Biergarten. It’s for when you want something simple and honest, and NOT fast food. It is one of my very favorite foods. It’s also one of my bacon-loving son’s favorites too. I hope that the one tarte will be enough to feed both of us. Luckily my daughter won’t eat it (obviously she may not really be my daughter). Because of it’s summery-ness, a Flammkuchen recipe needs to be simple — and this one is just that. The major win here is the crust. I’ve been making do with pizza dough recipes and they’re just too thick (though I think I need a pizza stone as my Silpat mat seems to inhibit browning).

Now, the bad news: this Flammkuchen REALLY NEEDS to be enjoyed with wine or beer. And I have neither in the house. Sure, I could close up shop, pack the kids in the car and go get a bottle, but that’s a lot of work mid-dinner making. I could leave the kids in charge and go the whopping one mile myself; maybe with a soup that needed occasional stirring, but not with bacon in the pan. No, what I really need is for Mr. Incredible to be here so that I can send him out for the necessities while not losing my own cooking momentum.

This situation is one of those annoying deployment things that doesn’t make the papers. It’s not heart wrenching or heroic. However, I think it’s the kind of thing that wears on a person. All those little things that would just be so much simpler, or pleasant (like sipping a nice white wine with my delicious Flammkuchen) with the other person around — but they’re not around. I can understand why some couples kind of give up on the relationship — because the longer or more frequent the deployment, the less like a partnership it seems. Obviously it will take more than the lack of proper beverage accompaniment to break up this marriage, but as long as I’m sharing deployment related anecdotes, it’s food for thought.

9 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News

  1. though it could not be a substitute for your mr. incredible – if i could, i would come around to have some flammkuchen with you.
    and i even would bring along the wine.

  2. Yours is the kind of relationship that endures – and for that you guys are my heroes – you both know what REALLY matters! Thank for you being so candid…

  3. Now you have made me cry – before breakfast. Stephanie, who was once a vegan, calls bacon the gateway drug back to the carnivorous life.

  4. Yep — that’s me, your beer-bringin’ man! Squish a bug from time to time, open that really, really stuck jar after you totally loosen it up, and bring in a rack of beer from time to time. It’s a role I am honored to play…..

    (and I am very, very pleased that the continued research into this vital node of existence continues, and to hear of your great progress!)

  5. I ventured on to your blog via some other blog via some other blog while you were still in Germany and have enjoyed reading. I tend to be a conservative cook…you know, the usual Midwest fair. Meat, potatoes, a few vegetarian recipes. Weirdly, in my current ongoing mini-health crisis, I have the urge to try new recipes. Who would figure!? Flammkuchen sounds incredible…but not quite as incredible as the two of you!

  6. Kristin~ just wanted to let you know that I shared your blog post with my grown children via email. I felt that the last paragraph spoke to our shared experience of an often ‘missing Army dad’ and now that they are adults they could identify that life from a different viewpoint than they experienced as children. Thank you for your candor.

  7. Kristen, you seem to do remarkably well with the Army life and the deployments, but I know it is little things that really add up to a significant sacrifice that every family in your position makes. I wish Mr. Incredible could magically appear with a nice bottle of white under his arm–right now!

    Take care–

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