29 Mar

Pattern review and a Query

Thanks for all the Katja blog and Mushroom Quilt love. We appreciate it!

This weekend, I pretty much ignored the kids and just sewed. I made a shirt for my son from some Hawaiian fabric I wasn’t going to use for anything else. It turned out fine, but not worth photographing. The real winner of the weekend was the Daily Spice Apron by Heather Bailey.

I saw this on her blog a million years ago and passed on many an apron pattern while I waited to see if she’d share it (it’s not like I actually USE aprons, I just like the way some look). As soon as the pattern came out, I ordered one, but as it was for me, and not a gift, I chose standard shipping. After waiting weeks and emailing Heather to see what happened, it ends up the pattern (and fabric) I ordered had been returned to sender for an undeliverable address (I must have had help typing from the cat — it happens). Anyway, Heather and crew were very nice and after a couple stumbles, I finally got my pattern and fabric. Luckily, the project was worth the nearly three year wait.

A retro look halter apron that looks modern rather than costume-y. The pattern is for three sizes, but no style variations. It’s pretty easy to imagine though, that by mixing up the fabrics and/or adding embellishments like applique, embroidery or trim, one could get dozens of different looks.

The apron comes in three sizes. I chose small which fits just as I’d expect it to. The writing is clear without being too wordy. There are plenty of diagrams, and I almost could have made the apron just looking at teh pictures. I say almost because I did trip myself up not reading exactly what lines up with what when sewing the bodice to the waistband. As soon as I read the instructions though, it all worked perfectly.

Degree of Difficulty
I sort of expected this to be fiddly, especially with teh instructions to stay stitch and clip curves before sewing on some pieces, but it all came together very easily. I think that even a beginning sewer could probably make this. certainly someone with a few projects up his or her sleeve would have no problem. I made this easily in one day, including cutting the fabric.

I really like this pattern and would make it again, maybe as gifts for foodie friends. Katja has already put in an order as well. Next time, I’d like to add “stuff” to it just for fun. You might notice that the waist ties are a different fabric. I had originally intended the bodice to be the terra cotta print and the waist and ties to be that different green floral, with the lining being the floral on cream, but when I tried it out, I preferred the bodice and skirt in the same fabric so I just turned the bodice over and sewed it in the other way around. For Katja though, I might try a riot of fabrics. I think for the right person, some Luziapimpinella woven ribbon would look great with ric-rac along the bottom and pockets.

I would recommend this pattern. I give it 12 muffins!

Now for my query. I’ve been feeling the itch to make a ripple afghan. I’ve been resisting for years now, but it is like the Borg. Resistance is futile. I haven’t crocheted in forever, but I’ve looked at some free online patterns and it doesn’t look too hard. I considered knitting it, like the Chevron Scarf, but I really like the look of those fat, flat, soft wave stripes. The problem with generic online patterns like this though, is that there’s not a whole lot of info on yarn. I know people have made the afghan in cotton, but for such a big project, I’m wondering if I might prefer something a little springier. Of course, I live in Hawai’i now, so full-on wool is probably overkill. Maybe I need a cotton/linen blend, or Debbie Bliss Cashmerino? An alpaca blend would be nice, but I’m thinking too expensive. Or do I just submit to the acrylic? And how much? Can I get away with one 50 gram ball of each color as long as I get five or more colors? I’d like to use the beach wedding color palette, so I’d need yarns that have lots of browns and tans and a good orange. Does anyone have any experience with this? Kirsti?

9 thoughts on “Pattern review and a Query

  1. Super cute apron! Yummy muffins too, I’m sure. I have not one bit of advice about yarn, but I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  2. You look like an ad right out of the 40s! I am staying out of the yarn request, but will only say this – something like this will be around for a long time. Are you thinking you will live in Hawaii for ever? I would do a light weight wool.

  3. OMG! For the last three years I have been wondering how I would come to own a handmade ripple afghan for our 1911 parlor/TV room. My current throws are cotton which are not cozy enough for our cooler climate, so I definitely want worsted wool. I don’t suppose that you would want to experiment on a traditional afghan before making your variation? Or maybe I can see how your goes while I visit, and I can decide if it is a project I can take on?

  4. I made a ripple afghan and i used one of the yarn brands that is about 25% wool and the rest acrylic. It is kind of a compromise, because although it is not the highest quality yarn you could use, you do have to buy an enormous amount to make an afghan. So it is cost efficient and you can wash it easily in the washing machine and dryer. I have made several afghans with this yarn and they look great and wash great. I don’t use synthetic fibers for anything else, but hey, unless you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on yarn, its just about the only way. Also, wool in Hawaii? yikes! I live in southern California and we don’t need wool here.
    I think alpaca is warmer than sheeps wool.
    anyway, thats my two cents,
    good luck,

  5. Cute apron and the muffins look yummy. I recently used a 30%silk/70%merino blend that was wonderful to work with from Yarns Northwest. It is really soft and would be wonderful to nestle under. I think maybe Mom is onto something! Cheers.

  6. I laughed when I read that about ignoring the kids and sewing… I do that too… or dream of doing it… the screams can be hard to ignore… Great apron! Looks like you baked up a storm too!?

    I have been wondering if you received the tiny parcel I sent you yet?
    ~Emily xx

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