27 Mar

Fliegenpilz III (The Latest Mushroom Quilt)

You know when you can’t decide on something and then you ask for someone’s opinion and then are disappointed if they don’t give the answer you wanted and so “poof” you have your answer?

I was hoping that would happen with my mushroom quilt. But, no. It didn’t. Everyone’s help was equally appealing. After much internal debate with me, myself and I, we decided that, although the Fairy Ring was conceptually awesome, the row of mushrooms better showcased the ‘shrooms, and looked a bit more modern. I resigned myself to buying more fabric and took the plunge to actually purchase backing fabric too (it totally cracked me up that the burgundy with green polka dots that was just perfect ended up being a Kaffe Fasset print!).

I did use a strip to separate the mushrooms from the strips — jumbo red ric-rac! It has the necessary contrast, and just the right whimsy to compliment the mushrooms. I mean really, when you are working with wonky polka dot mushrooms, you can’t take yourself too seriously

I almost convinced myself that I should overdye the strippy side just out of curiosity, but I wimped out and cut a bunch of the strips thinner instead. There was a lot of cutting and re-sewing and cutting and re-sewing. There are some sections that I don’t think are as successful as they could be, but it’s destined to be a utilitarian quilt and at some point, I just wanted it done. I kinda wished the near solid was the larger half, but it was the perfect color (and had groovy flowers on it that picked up on the quilt’s whimsy without being too cute) and the shop had a very limited amount. It’s a print from a Christmas kitty collection a year or two ago, so I didn’t feel like going on a quest for more.

The Fairy Ring still lives, but you can’t really see it in the photos. I quilted an arc about six inches wide with red thread where I had intended the ring to be on the original quilt layout. Inside the ring, I quilted free form circles in green and outside the ring I echoed the strips with parallel lines, also in green. It’s subtle, but it’s there in spirit.

I tried a couple of gadgets on this quilt. A column in the latest Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine made light fun of wearing a toilet paper tube as a necklace to facilitate sewing the binding on a quilt. Sure, it looks ridiculous, but man if it isn’t incredibly helpful! Speaking of binding, this is the first quilt I’ve made with rounded corners. For a softer look, it’s great. I think I make pretty good corners, but I sure didn’t miss them this time around. I also used my new (as of Christmas) laser level square both when I blocked the quilt (before binding) and when I squared up the quilt to be bound. How did I ever live without this? Thank you Nadine for turning me on to this indispensable hardware store find!

19 thoughts on “Fliegenpilz III (The Latest Mushroom Quilt)

  1. Love it, LOVE it, Kristin! I’m lovin’ the ric rac, the mushrooms, the scrappy look, binding in different fabrics with rounded corners (or is it just one fabric with different sized dots and circles?), just everything! I’m eager to try the toilet paper roll trick myself, though I wonder how did you get that picture? If the string was around your neck…

    Thanks for the link–everyone needs one of those laser level squares!

  2. It turned out brilliantly!!! I love the rickrack and the curved corners, any guest would feel very special sleeping under this quilt.

  3. One of my mum’s favourite ingredients into anything she sewed for us was ric-rac. I LOVE ric-rac – especially with its cool english name (German: Zackenlitze, not half as fun!). And I love your quilt, especially with the contrasting binding. Did you use store-bought binding? And I must try that toilet paper roll necklace trick. My kids are collecting loo paper rolls like mad for crafting projects, we have about two drawers full!

  4. That is a beautiful quilt and quite a different look for your room. I still say Hawaii is influencing your work (although when the mushrooms give way to hibiscus, I’ll know it for sure).

  5. I love how you resolved the ‘shroom problem. It is like they are on the border between the lawn and flower beds with the ric rac as the fancy edging. Way to go. Cheers.

  6. whee, congrats on the finish of this fun quilt. I’m interested to see where you are attaching binding – looks like a couple of inches over from the edge of the quilt. Is that how you do it or was that just to get the pic taken?

  7. In answer to Tonya, and anyone else interested:
    I made the quilt larger so I could trim it after the quilting since I didn’t know how much the circle quilting would shrink it up. After all the quilting was done, I washed the quilt and blocked it, making the stripes as perpendicular as possible to the row of mushrooms (using the laser square). Once dry, I used the laser square again and marked the perimeter of the quilt with a soap sliver. I could have cut it then, but it seems just as easy to line the binding up with the line and cut the excess off later.

  8. Great quilt! I love the idea of the laser level square – and immediately asked DH if we could get one. He said, “Sure!” I’m not usually into toilet paper tube jewelry, but may have to give the necklace a try, too!
    Karen (coming over from Simply Robin’s blog)

  9. Beautiful!!! Just love the way it turned out. The circular quilting with stripes was just the perfect finishing touch and love the rounded spotty corners. The K.F. worked in wonderfully. He is a personal favorite of mine. ;^)
    Miss so much actually getting to see the work up close. Makes me just want to reach out and touch it… and put it on my bed – ha, ha, ha….
    I just love your work! When I see a red spotty mushroom I always think of you.

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