24 Mar

Spring Break!

It’s Spring Break here in Hawai’i. My kids are trying out camp at Hawai’i Nature Center and the first day went well. My friend Robin is looking for snow on the Mainland.

While she’s away, she’s invited a fun group of friends and acquaintances to keep an eye on her blog for her. Go check out Simply Robin for fabulous fabric giveaways, new bloggers to meet, and on Saturday the 28th, me!

2 thoughts on “Spring Break!

  1. MMM. Looks good. We are on spring break this week, too. Well, I’m not. Not sure when I get a break – after the conference, I guess.

  2. another blog to put into my reader.
    now i don’t know if i should thank you for the link to a wonderful blog or if i should blame you for having to read even more inspiring things… 😉

    anyways i really envy you for the springbreak. it snows over here!

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