28 Mar

Katja Blogs

Hi my name is KATJA I am Guest Blogging for my mama.

Today I will talk about Spring SNAP at Hawai’i Nature Center. (As dictated to mama.)


I went on a hike on Makiki Loop trail. It was a long loop. It was hard, but it was fun. I was so excited because I got to play camouflage. Camouflage is a game where one person stands in one place and the other people hide. Then, the person standing turns around but cannot move out of his or her spot. They have to turn around in circles. Once the person has been looking too long they do it again and those people that he or she didn’t find have to move 10 steps forward. That was good. I found 10 kukui nuts on the ground. When I got home, I got out a nut cracker and a garlic press and a piece of cloth. First my mom cracked the shells. We put the nut in the garlic press and pressed it. Then we put it in the cloth and squeezed the oil out.


I went on a really log hike to the top of a really long trail. It was long. Really, really, really long [from mama: regular readers might recognize this as the dreaded lighthouse hike]. We saw whales! It was amaaaaaaaazing. Really, really amazing! I learned how whales communicate. They go all the way down to the sound channel then they do a song without using vocal cords. Then the sound channel makes it go really far and if another whale is down also in the sound channel it will hear it. I also learned different behaviors. I learned how they breach. And their tail slap. I saw it from the bus on the way back. The third behavior is spy hop. And the bubble net. When I went back I saw this whale waving goodbye with it’s tail. It was slapping and slapping and slapping. It was coooool. My drawing is a whale doing the bubble net, over the sound channel. Underneath the sound channel is the sand and in the sand is a treasure chest. There is krill in front of the whale.


Today I went a bamboo forest. It was really, really, really fun. The bamboos are really big and amazing and really super big and we got to take a little bamboo and play music on them. Then, we went to back to the nature center. We dropped off our bamboos and went to the taro patch. The Hawaiian name for taro is Kalo. We pulled the weeds and then we watered. We also jumped in the mud and had lots and lots of fun. Taro grows in mud. We jumped and jumped. Afterwards we went back to the nature center and washed ourselves off and changed our clothes. Then we ate lunch. Afterwards we turned our bamboo into instruments. We could choose from two different instruments. One group got holes drilled in the bamboo. For our group the instructors cut notches in them.


Today I went to a beach. It was really, really fun and there was this big, big stick sticking in the sand. I got my towel and do you know what did? I tied the top to the top of the stick and it was a sail! It was really, really amazing. It was so cool because I pretended it was on a boat and I was sailing on the ocean. We jumped in the waves and built sand castles. When we got back to the nature center, we played games. I wrote in my journal that Waimanalo means “sweet water.” I also wrote a list of things to look for when you’re finding a place to live on a Hawaiian island: water, food/fish, view, access to ocean, close to mountains. We also learned what ohana means. Ohana means family: extended family, friends, plants and animals. At the bottom there is earth mother and at the top there is sky father. In the middle is taro (our older brother) and people.


Today was stream day. We learned about where stream water comes from. The rain pours down onto a mountain. Some goes to the ocean, but some of it goes down to the roots and into the aquifer. In the aquifer it gets filtered and it takes lots and lots of years just to get to us. We should make sure that we have some plants and trees to catch the rainwater so it gets to the aquifer. We went fishing at one location. We used nets. We only caught shrimp, but we also caught two toads. After 45 minutes we went to another location and we wrote a poem about our favorite thing. I wrote about water:

Water clean and fresh floing
throo a butiful shtreem
making satsh a butiful
sawnd it makes me laf

I drew a picture which was the stream and I drew lots of rocks and plants. When we got back to the nature center we ate lunch and made beautiful boats. We had to first decorate a sail. We took some clay and stuck it on the little boat, and I also plugged some holes. After I stuck the mast in the clay we could make things to put in the boat. At one point we had a chance to float our boats or just go fishing. I did not let my boat free. Mine was too precious. So was Zavi’s.

I liked my week at SNAP.

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  1. Katja – It sounds like you had a wonderful week at SNAP. Thank you so much for telling us about it and sharing your picture of the whale and the photo of your boat. I can’t wait until you’re old enough to have your own blog; I’m sure that I’m going to really enjoy reading it! Auntie Box

  2. Katja, it sounds like so much fun at the Nature Center! What a great week for you and Zavi. I like your boat and the whale in your drawing is just awesome!

  3. Katja, you are very lucky to live in such an interesting place as Hawaii. I think you are a very observer of things. You may end up being an artist, like your Mom.

  4. Katja: I wish I could have gone to SNAP too! Wow, what an amazing time you had and I enjoyed your stories. Your artwork tells such a wonderful whale tale (giggle) and I agree that the boats are too precious to let them roam the ocean alone. Have fun this weekend. Cheers.

  5. Katja, I am a gramma who lives in Iowa and my granddaughters live on Maui. Reading your post was like listening to my own granddaughters! SNAP sounds super fun.

  6. Hi Katja – I sometimes see whales from my house. Wouldn’t it be fun if I could catch a ride and come and visit you and your family!

  7. Wow. What a fantastic week. Isn’t it great when you can spend time having fun and LEARNING stuff at the same time?! I went on a whale watching boat ride one time. I saw the whales, but I spent most of the time throwing up over the edge of the boat. Yuck.

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