07 Apr

Guerilla Fashion

Gone are the separate BDUs (green camo to the rest of us), DCUs (the desert colored uniforms we are now all too familiar with) and the grey and white snow ones in case we invade Siberia that make up the US military’s basic uniform. Now all soldiers will wear ACUs, a digitized sage green ensemble, which means that there are many sets of perfectly good BDUs out there feeling very lonely and unloved right now. So…..
My friend Valerija (yes, her website is Ukrainian) made a cute chenille rucksack out of an old pair of BDUs and I loved it so much, I gave her one of the tops languishing around here and she made a great rucksack for me which she named “Orange Revolution.” It has orange Kaffe Fasset fabric on the inside and a pocket off the uniform on the back, complete with name tape. I had one of those pairs of jeans that seemed like a good idea at he store, but after a few wearings, just aren’t working out. They are too new to throw away, so I thought I’d recycle them and a BDU top at the same time!

So, here’s my reduced, reused, recycled, army surplus outfit. (Don’t be fooled by the tank top, it’s not that warm here yet. The stripey shirt I was wearing over it just clashed with the skirt.) Oh yeah, disregard the Birks too, I was too lazy to put on a real pair of shoes and these live by the back door.
Orange revolution rucksack and guerilla skirt

9 thoughts on “Guerilla Fashion

  1. I cannot recall where abouts your located Kristin
    Dijanne Cevaal is going to be in france and the netherlands and spain in a months time and is doing workshops but not sure where abouts you were… perhaps she is doing a dye workshop.. she really is the best so if you could catch up with her.
    If you go to my blog and on the sidebar is her link. It says her itinerary.

    Great skirt by the way.
    Dangling by a thread

  2. That is so cool and I think the Birkies add a certain Je-ne-sais-quoi! Here in Portland, they would certainly be ok – especially with the socks!!

  3. Hello Kristin

    I am teaching dyeing in Borger on 18 may , and trasnfer dyeing and stitching on 15 may.
    Kind regards

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