04 Oct


I’ve had a marble-a-thon the last few days. The ladies in the quilting group I belong to asked me to do a workshop of sorts at our Monday meeting. I prepared fat quarters of fabric and brought all my supplies and we took over one VERY generous lady’s basement and marbled fabric. Of course, I neglected to bring my camera, but I do have pics of my pre-party practice. Since the size on which I marble lasts a few days, I usually go on marbling binges. This time around, I tried marbling on colored and printed fabric as well as plain white.

Here’s a close-up:

Here’s the final fruits of my labors:

And here’s my favorites. I am especially happy with the two yellow/purple ones on silk. I think one day they’ll join Melody Johnson’s fabulous rainbow hand dyed silk on a psychodelic owl quilt based on a drawing by my daughter.

Speaking of my daughter, she really wanted to help:

Turns out, she’s pretty good at rinsing.

So that was Sunday’s work. Monday was marble-o-rama with the ladies. Tonight, I finally finished off the raw materials marbling some silk scarves. I even went so far as to marble over a few previously marbled pieces. They’re still drying though, so you’ll have to wait for pictures. . .