08 Mar

A Pair of Pretty Projects

I promised to show how I display Jude‘s spirit cloth on a pillow. In keeping with her style, I stitched it, raw edge, with embroidery floss, to a linen/cotton pillow form with a damask-like floral pattern. I was happy to find a dusky pink crocheted trim from my sister in my box of goodies and sewed that along the edge of the pillow. The finished piece sits on a glider in my bedroom, often accompanied by our cat who always finds the most comfortable place in the house.

I’ve also finished the scrappy, wonky, stars quilt and it is now on it’s way to my hubby who will see that it gets to a wounded soldier. I’ve named it, thanks to Claire‘s Grace‘s (sorry, my bad — didn’t bother to check) comment, “Stars at Dusk.”

Here’s another view.

8 thoughts on “A Pair of Pretty Projects

  1. Hi Kristin,

    This scrap quilt is really beautiful, and I think the wounded soldier that is the lucky person to receive it, will instantly (at least) feel better!
    St. Maarten, DWI

  2. Thank you for being so generous to our wounded men & women. The quilt will speed their healing.

  3. Hi Kirstin, it was Grace’s comment that mentioned Dusk….. I had to check because I didn’t think I’d been that profound 🙂

    I love it and I’m sure the recipient will appreciate the gift.


  4. Thanks for setting me straight Claire. I was so certain I remembered who commented that I didn’t bother checking. I suck. Sorry Grace.

  5. Stars at Dusk is going to such a beautiful comfort to someone so brave. Jude’s work is so amazing and you display is so beautifully. Cheers.

  6. Wow, I love this quilt!
    I’ve never made a “real” quilt, but when I see something this great, it makes me want to try. Your soldier should be very happy. and you are very generous!

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