06 Mar

Pre-Swap Swappiness

Deborah found a cute mushroom swap she thought I’d like. I convinced her that she should participate too (mwahaha!). To add to the fun, we decided to do a little private swap as well. I sent her a mushroom man, mushroom chocolates, and a pincushion, of course.

She sent me a beautiful mixed media mushroom and a wonderful package of cool papers, tags, ribbon, cards and vintage hankies — all in red and white! I’m liking this swap thing.

Mixed Media Mushroom by Deborah Boschert (photo by Deborah too)

Oh, and speaking of swaps, I sent Anika a pincushion, since she asked so nicely and is a fellow islander, and she returned the favor with this cute watercolor which is now hanging in my daughter’s room with her fairy collection.

“Tapio” by Anika Nui (photo by Anika too)

Remember the wonderful ribbons Nic sent? I returned that favor with chocolate covered macadamia nuts (which her hubby nearly absconded with) and a silky, spotty, sequined, and beaded Bali-inspired ‘shroom.

I’m enjoying all this creative art sharing. I can’t wait to see which mushrooms I receive in my official mushroom swap package.

5 thoughts on “Pre-Swap Swappiness

  1. i LOVE to swap aolong, too! :o)

    AND i love this hawaiian-balinese-happy-mushroom!!!!

    have a nice weekend, kristin!

  2. Oh what mushroom goodness! Your mushroom men are adorable and I love Deborah’s mixed media shroom. Fun!

  3. Another WILD mushroom…love it!
    And you actually have TWO of Jude’s pieces?
    happy for you…and a tiny bit (jealous)…

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