27 Feb

I Won!

I am victorious over the scrap bin. Yes, it lives to fight another day, but I can now reach in and actually rifle around to find appropriate fabric bits to work with. So much better than the solid mass of cotton it was two weeks ago.

It took two quilt tops to make a dent in the bin: first the Zigeunerquilt (still in quilt-top form until I feel like finishing it off), and second, this:

I had expected to make the stars very scrappy, but I came across a lump that was once the off cuts of a friend’s rusty/stripey quilt and really liked the way they looked. It was a rather big lump, so using it had a very positive impact on the scrap reduction. The purples did not come out of the scrap bin, rather the purple drawer in my regular stash. It had not been getting a proper workout, so this whipped it back into shape (meaning the plastic drawer doesn’t bulge anymore). I’ll back and baste it today and probably quilt it this weekend. I’m not sure if I’ll send it to Tia for the Brushfire Quilt Project, or to my hubby to be given to a soldier at the field hospital on the base where he works/lives.

14 thoughts on “I Won!

  1. Your quilt is beautiful and if you see the purple in the blue family, it looks patriotic. So giving it to a soldier is a great idea. Since hubby asked nicely a couple posts back, I think he should present it.

  2. Wow, I love it… and I think the borders are fab. For some reason I rarely put borders on mine, but this has made me reconsider 🙂

    I recently emptied out my scrap bin complelely with a few small projects, and (I must admit) a fair amount of throwing out!

    I have a little postage stamp project on the boil so I’m tending to bag up the little scraps for the next bout of enthusiasm….


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