25 Feb

Clever Me

If I were a high speed home schooling mom or at least a Montesori-minded one, I’d probably have bought a sturdy wooden clock toy while the kids were in diapers. But I’m just your average mom who’s trying not to buy more clutter (purses and note cards don’t count as they contain clutter and spread good will), so when my second grader needed a clock with hands to move to do her time-telling math homework today, I had to think quick. I think I was pretty clever — and cheap too!

DIY learner’s clock: 1 plate, 1 spoon, 1 knife, masking tape, marker. Assemble as shown.

8 thoughts on “Clever Me

  1. I think that is clever and also teaching your children to think outside the square which is what Montessori and the others try to do anyway. Good on ya! Cherrie

  2. I love it! We learned to tell time on a clock that was like a puzzle – numbers popped out and you could move the hands. Of course, this was in the dark ages when all clocks had hands. Military time is so much easier! Way to go Mom. Cheers.

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