11 thoughts on “A Closer Look

  1. Oh Wow! It is even more wonderful (great English- eh?) than I thought. I love the tree trunks, the embroidery, and all the texture. This is really beautiful Kristin.

  2. gorgeous!
    yesterday i was struggling with myself to ask for a bigger picture to see the details, and see what you made! 🙂

    it’s even more beautiful in detail! the netting (how do you call it? tulle?) on the fairy wings is the “dot on the i”!
    a bad translation, but you know what i mean – it’s the “tüpfelchen auf dem i”!

    plain perfection all over! ^-^

  3. Kristin, I am speechless… no, I have to catch my breath to tell you how absolutely wonderful and enchanting this piece is! I would like to take a walk in those fairy and toadstool woods of yours. Marvelously stitched and dreamed up. Your children must love this too!
    ~emily XO

  4. Oh Kristin, this is just wonderful. I wish it was mine! Would love to be able to see it up close – it is just fantastic.

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