22 Feb

Fairytale Forest

I’ve been working on this piece on and off since I bought the beautiful hand-dyed background fabric from Dijanne Cevaal nearly a year ago. I kept adding more and more embroidery, but when I’d step back it still looked the same. Finally last week, I just decided I was done for now and stretched it on stretcher bars (like an artist’s canvas) to see how it looked. I’m not sure if it’s truly done, so I’ve set it aside for a while. I think it’s actually too big for what it is because it just begs to be looked at up close. I have not finished the back with anything, so I can still add more embroidery if I want, it will just be a bit harder at the edges where the frame is, and it may affect how taught the piece is (I wet it before stapling it to the stretcher bar frame so it would shrink up as it dried). I keep trying to maintain a balance between a richly encrusted surface with textural fabrics, embroidery and beads, and letting Dijanne’s work show through. A few people who saw it in progress suggested I add a fairy or two. I hesitated at first, but it really did want something to lead your eye about. I had fabric with soft green non-cutesy fairies on it so I added three. This is not a deep thinking, push the barriers of art kind of piece, so I think the fairies are perfectly in keeping with the sparkley yarns and magic toadstools.

Fairytale Forest © 2009  Kristin La Flamme
33″ x 33″

12 thoughts on “Fairytale Forest

  1. I can’t tell what it looks like in real life but according to the net the picture should be complete. Possibly same colour details in the long distance but not necessary. I think it is always tempting to do more but this appears to look fine from a distance and has detail if you come up close. I like it. Cherrie

  2. to me it looks perfect. I’d immediately hang it on my wall the way it is now. nothing to add, it’s really beautiful! ^-^

    (LOVE the mushrooms!)

  3. Oh, drat. I want to click on this and make it larger. I just love Dijanne’s forest fabric and love how you used it. All those mushrooms – looks like an Oregon quilt.

  4. It’s fabulous! With your signature fliegenpilzes and the lush greenery like in Germany, it fits well with your impressions of Germany series. I wonder, will there be a complementary collection of Hawaii impressions?

  5. All I can say besides WOW! is to echo what has been said above. This is beautiful and yes, I also clicked the photos to get a closer look! Great job!

  6. Oh wow oh wow oh wow.

    I am just starting on a mushroom on a forest painting(s). I decided to try to paint them for a while.

    I went to a watercloor class where we learned how to collage with our watercolors and other materials. Iʻve been googling pine cones, spruce, rotting logs etc to get an idea for the context for the mushrooms. And how the light will travel through the picture ( I hope).

    I am doing negative painting right now where I lay down wet-on-wet in splotchy colors and then “find the picture”. I cheated some as I knew I was after mushrooms,but I am AFTER MUSHROOMS not koi.

    You are an incredible inspiration.

    ps. I also do crewel work but so far this time (decades of lapse) only patterns. I have been contemplating mushrooms, but it canʻt be too obvious. So that will come at some point too.

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