25 Mar

Euro Silliness

TS&WGH makes me laugh. That’s a big part of why he’s the World’s Greatest Husband (IMHO). Yesterday, he emailed me the link to this site and a “cheesy euro-disco” video. But first, I browsed the site a bit under the category of “cheesy euro-disco” and omigod is all I can say! What were they thinking?!?! I apologize for so many links and no pictures, but if you’re adventurous, this is potentially a hysterical time waster 😉
For the full effect of my adventure, you should first warm up with either of the following ABBA-esque videos: Armi & Danny or the Danish hippies. Now you are ready for Dschinghs Khan or his His Rocking Son. Are you feeling like you gotta move your feet yet? This entry has an instructional video (recognize the music?). Now that you get the genre, you probably are sighing in relief that the 70s are over and this stuff is a thing of the past, here’s the one that TS&WGH sent me. The scariest part, and the too much information part, is that I have actually heard this song on the radio! My only excuse is that I actually live in Europe. Pretty sad, huh?

One thought on “Euro Silliness

  1. You have no idea 😉 probably every German our age knows the lyrics to Dschinghis Khan! And if drunk enough, will sing them at the top of his/her voice!!! No sh*t!

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