13 Feb

Garment Sewing

Today is “Sewing Blog” day.

I’ve been on a roll with garment sewing. I’d been setting aside larger bits of fabric and grabbing patterns I like for a while now and it was getting out of control! Time to make stuff and get a few piles off the floor.

First up: Pajama Pants. I used this pattern, because I liked the packaging (I’m a sucker). I had won an obscene amount of fabric from Tia by commenting on her blog a while ago. One of the fabrics was just too bright for me, too bold for my artwork, and too black for Katja. But just right for pajama pants! It wasn’t quite enough fabric for the full length, but luckily I did have just enough of something coordinating in my stash, and I’m short.

Next up was a jersey dress. I really needed something easy to throw on and relatively cool for our new climate. I see ladies in dresses like this all the time, but can’t seem to find ones that are the right combination of color, fabric content and sleeve length/neckline when I go shopping (admittedly, I’m a lousy shopper). I grabbed a pattern I liked at Walmart of all places, and found a nice 100% cotton jersey online. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, so I’ll keep my eye open for more jersey and make another one eventually.

The most recent make is a blouse from an Asian-inspired border print. I loved the idea of the flowers growing up from the hemline.

This was a pretty easy pattern, so I didn’t think it through as I should have and it’s taking me more time and redoing than I expected. It still needs buttons and button holes, but I’m losing steam. I’m not sure if this will get done.

As a reward for sticking with my schizophrenic posts, here’s a detail from a new-ish quilt. I’m really pleasedĀ  with the tons of free-form hand quilting. Seems more and more shows these days want “virgin” quilts that haven’t been shown publicly (and blogs count) so I don’t know when I’ll show all of it.

11 thoughts on “Garment Sewing

  1. such a tease with that quilt bit you are…;)
    lovely dress making going on there, i meanwhile have a heap of patterns and fabrics on the floor… sigh.. one day…

  2. What is the brand and # of your dress pattern? I maybe could imagine something like this on me. I currently do not own a dress, except for the one I wore to my daughter’s wedding–it isn’t anything I could wear to a meeting or out to lunch! Yours seems to have that What Not To Wear favorite feature where the waistline is “at the smallest part of your torso”, then the skirt “floats away from your hips”.

    Your new quilt has my all-time very, very favorite fabric–the Kaffe stripe–so I know it is headed in a good direction.

  3. The dress and blouse are SO cool! Makes me wish I could remember how to use my sewing machine! So glad you are finding time to do things for yourself….

  4. Kristin! I love the quilt…did you dye the big fabric? I also love the handquilting…I am getting more and more into hand quilting. As my fingers toughen up I can do more. I love the peek! The PJ pants are boss too!


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