11 Feb

Seven Blogs in One!

I’ve looked back on my recent entries and see that there is very little art quilting/creative journey posting going on here. Of course, life in general is part of the creative journey, so think of this as quilting/artful life/cute crafting/travelogue/food/cute grandkids/botany blogs all rolled into one.

Today is “Bug Blog Day.”

The chrysalis still hasn’t “hatched,” and I’m doubting it ever will. We did however find three more small caterpillars and two eggs on the tree.

Over the course of a few days the eggs hatched and we saw one teensy teensy caterpillar. Unfortunately, of those five, only one remains. I guess birds or other bugs have to eat too. I decided I needed to intervene and make the whole tree into a caterpillar box with some tulle yardage I had. It looks like this now (note blooms sticking out to encourage more butterflies):

My fingers are crossed that this last caterpillar makes it to butterfly stage. I did see three different types of butterfly pass through our yard this morning, so prospects are good.

4 thoughts on “Seven Blogs in One!

  1. Here I am, knee deep in snow, and all your beautiful green stuff looks sooooooo good. It makes me look forward to spring…..which is always a pleasure. Good luck with the botany stuff. Opa

  2. I know how you feel. Sometimes I think my blog has turned into the home improvement blog, but then I look at the blogs who show only fiber/fabric stuff–how boring! (ha!)

  3. Hi from beautiful San Francisco, California. It is so gorgeous here – spring comes early!! I am sad about the lack of butteryflys. Hoping good thoughts for the last one.

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