22 Mar

Hey Quilt Artist!

Yesterday I pondered when or why I could call myself an artist. And you responded with great insights. I often wonder are we artists because we say so or because someone else says so? Based on everyone’s comments, I guess it doesn’t matter. It’s just words and we can choose to use them, or not. Our choice. Based on everyone’s comments I guess one is an artist when one is willing to say it out loud, regardless of what she may think others percieve her as. And I’m not sure whether to be uplifted or depressed by Karoda‘s proverb about life going on even after enlightenment. I know even established artists have to do laundry sooner or later, but I guess I’m always holding out hope for those laundry fairies to materialize and take it all away. (One can wish, can’t she?!)

Because the quilting must go on as well (and what a great excuse not to do laundry), here’s a sneak peek at my next project. I liked the simplicity of this little block, and although it is representative of the whole piece, you will never recognize it in the finished product.

Snow and tree block

5 thoughts on “Hey Quilt Artist!

  1. Hi Kristin!
    I recently had ART business cards made for a couple of reasons. If someone asked me all I had were work ones, and I was in another gallery show last month and needed them for that. Anyway, when I had them made, I put “Quilt Artist” as my title. “Artist” didn’t say enough, “Textile Artist” or “Fiber Artist” have always sounded snooty to me, and because I don’t really do any other fiber related art. I’m a quilter and proud of it. Three cheers to you, TOO, quilt artist!

  2. Looks like the only tree on the block – LOL. Am staying tuned.

    Re: ‘artist’ – it took me years till I could say it without feeling like a fraud.
    But now, no problem-o. I find ‘artist’ quite enough, without defining my medium. After all, you never hear anybody say “I’m a painting artist” or I’m a paper artist,” do you? If somebody asks, I say mixed media.

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