04 Feb

Forest Pillows

I’ve been reading Susie Monday’s blog and gaining interest in her “Sensory Alphabet;” those elemental things we respond to. Wondering what mine is, I’ve noticed that I love, love, love to pick out fabrics. When at the Arts & Crafts Center on post in Heidelberg I was always jumping in and grabbing fabrics for people whenever I overheard anyone say “I don’t know what goes with this,” or “Do you think this color works?”
Recently, I bought a pack of fabrics from Pink Chalk just because I liked them (and I had a coupon). When I got them, I realized that they had the same colors as my living room rug, in inverse proportions. I made a pillow from the deer and trees fabric and then couldn’t wait to pick out all the colors for the coordinating patchwork pillow. I think there are only four half squares that use fabric from the collection, and the rest are from my scrap bin. I had great fun sorting through, pulling out bits that worked and arranging them in color families. So I’m guessing color is part of my personal sensory alphabet.
The embroidery is a drawing my son did several years ago. I used it on a gym bag, but since that never gets used, I figured I could give the drawing another go. I wanted to use something that “went” with the forest fabric, but my kids draw mostly race cars and princesses. I figured a bird was good and zip-lining spiders just adds to the intrigue.

This project brings up one more question. We could use a lap quilt for the couch. We’re using one of my house quilts now, but the Hawai’i Quilt Guild is having a “One Block Wonder” class in a few months, and I actually like those. I generally don’t have any interest in patterns, but this is sort of like Log Cabins or 9-Patches — in that you can make the blocks following basic rules and then do whatever you like with them (like group by color, which is apparently one of my strengths). Anyways, I could do it on my own, or not at all, but it could be a nice social opportunity to do it with the Guild and I’d get a utilitarian quilt for the couch out of the deal. My plan would be to use the deer fabric. Since most One Square Wonders are done with florals, this is kinda out there and even I can’t quite imagine if it would look good with relatively clean blotches of color, or if it would be dull, dull, dull. Any thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Forest Pillows

  1. I don’t think it would be dull at all. Do you have a link where I can see a bigger swatch of the fabric?

    I think you should take the class if only for the time with other quilters!

  2. I just love the half square triangle pillow. The colors are so soft and welcoming. I think you should take the class, The time with other quilters will be very good for you,

  3. Go, think of it as a play date. The project isn’t important, being around those with a common interest (fabric) is. The drawing really accents the pillow well. I love the paint by number look fabric and brown is one of my favorite accent colors. Have fun!

  4. I have a wonderful lap quilt with me here, and I promise I will share it with you just as soon as I get home. I know — that’s not soon enough, and that I take it with me on all of these adventures that seem to happen too often and for too long. But it’s a pretty magical lap quilt, and it’s worked wonders for me in many a far-flung place.

  5. I love the wya you made such a traditional pattern so modern with the plain bit at the bottom and so personal wth the embroidery… and what a lovely comment from Mr Incredible!! (Good job I know he is your husband!)

  6. These are fabulous! I LOVE that you left the paint by numbers whole. I stashed the last yard of that fabric for myself, it’s just so beautiful as a stand alone design.

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