19 Mar

How I Spent My Weekend

It’s been killing Katja to see me make craft aprons for all her friends and to not have one herself. Finally, yesterday, I made one for her. She picked the rainbow colored splotchy fabric and dictated that the apron have a heart and a bunny on it. Here she is proudly modeling her apron:

Katja's craft apron

In other news, the Kindergarten my neighbor’s kids attend had a hobby and art show today to raise a little money. They held it at the church to which the Kindergarten belongs. There was no fee to show there, as they figured the crafts would draw the people in, and then the Kindergarten could make it’s money from sales of coffee, cake and hot dogs. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but there must be a law here in Germany that if you hold an event you must have coffee and cake! There’s coffee and cake at the school open house, there’s coffee and cake at the music recitals, there’s coffee and cake at the soccer tournaments, and there’s coffee and cake at the craft show. Anyways, my neighbor thought that I should show my quilts, so I did. I had nothing to lose. I didn’t expect anyone to actually buy any of my quilts, especially since I don’t have any smallish, low-priced, ones I’m currently willing to part with. But, it was a nice opportunity to share my passion. Many, many people stopped to talk about the quilts and the different techniques with which I had made them. They were very curious and a little suprised that these were not like the traditional ones they’ve seen before. Certainly the ladies who organized the event were happy I was there to fill out the space and offer nice things to look at. My neighbor knits socks and we did sell a few pairs. I enjoyed the morning and everyone’s reaction to my art. And, now I think my aquaintances understand what I do a little better. The other vendors (who did sell a few items each) were a woman with all kinds of felted treasures, a water color painter, two ladies making lace, a wooden toy maker, and a family with model trucks complete with building site accessories.
Hobby and Craft Show

Hobby and Craft Show

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  1. Actually, day-time events without cake ‘n’ coffee are unconstitutional in Germany 😉

    One of the quilts on that table is the basis for your site design, no?

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