17 Mar

Costco goes to the Carnival

Today we enjoyed yet another cultural exchange. A friend planned to go to the annual Schrier Markt today and suggested we come along. This was a typical european street market with cheap kitchen wares, knock-off clothing and plastic flowers, plus the ubiquitous beer stand and wurst stand. However, it had one distinctive difference: five trailers with Schriers, or hawkers. For €10 you could purchase a huge bag of cheese, wursts, fish, sweets or pasta, and the hawkers with their microphones made a big show of their wares and your need to purchase them. It was kinda like Costco goes to the Carnival.
K with pasta Schrier

The bag of various pastas we bought was almost as big as Katja. The kids wasted no time diving into the bag of wursts either!

Yummy wurst!

Check out Zavi with our bucket o’ cheese. I liked the presentation almost as much as the contents. (That’s TS&WGH in the background with the massive bag of pasta.)
Bucket o' Cheese

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